Propp Intro

You learn something new every day… and today, I learned that not everyone has seen Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope! That aside, I hope you were able to follow the intro to Propp’s theory. If you want to download the slides (and see the task), just click on the DONOR. 🙂

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Easter Revision Intro

Dr._RivieraHi everybody!

I’m going to start posting revision guides shortly  — as in, when I finish the revised first set of slides. I thought it probably a good idea to explain what’ll be happening.

As each post is uploaded, take the time to read through what I say, and watch out for wee mini-tasks. These will ask you to carry out a quick ‘thinking’ exercise to help you focus on the topic in hand. By all means, write down your thoughts (thus increasing your retention of the information), or even better, bite the bullet and leave a comment! I will reply… or maybe if you’re lucky, someone else from the class will do so!

Something else for you to be aware of is that I will, in all likelihood, be carrying out regular updates to the posts… so don’t assume that when a post is up, it is perfect. What I will do is tell you in the first line of each post whether it has been updated. 🙂

Anyway… the schedule of posts for the first week will be:

  1. Categories
  2. Language
  3. Narrative
  4. Representation
  5. Audience
  6. Institution
  7. Society

And yes, these are the Key Aspects of Understanding Media in Context (aka Question 1) that you need to show you know and understand in May. Now go away and let me finish the slides so I can get started!

Bye everybody!

Welcome Back

Intro PicGood to see you all again… and time to get busy. First up is the slides I rushed through today… apologies for the speed, and as you’ll notice now you have time to go through them in your own time, there are a few questions and points to consider hidden within.

pdf-icon-1The complete slides are here (less the video clips): Higher Media Intro August

We’ll be starting to look at representation tomorrow. This is an essential key concept which means you need to learn about it, recognise it and become comfortable in using the language of representation when analysing the media, and more crucially, when creating your own.

As ever… ask questions if you are unsure! 😉