RoM – Newspapers

The three tasks we were working on in class today were as follows:


Read through your group’s newspaper and mark stories / features / etc with the appropriate letter:

  • N for Needs
  • B for behaviour/attitudes
  • P for purpose

Refer to the boxes above to help you, and be prepared to justify your annotation. As a reminder, there can be more than one for each story, and you should drill down into the role (eg: Meeting needs? Which need… information, education and/or entertainment?)


Take one story that you think is a perfect illustration for each role and see how it links to one (or more) of the more complex roles or purposes of the media outlined in the Spielberg Key Aspects book.


Q: How does coverage of BREXIT from elsewhere differ from UK coverage?

As homework, use the internet to investigate how another European / EU country is reporting BREXIT. Ireland is an obvious starting point, but many European newspapers have English
language editions/versions (as opposed to Google translate!)

A good starting point is here:

And a smart tactic would be to take a story in the news here (eg: BREXIT and the Irish border), and look at how a UK paper and another such as Ireland (The Irish Times) or Gibralter (Gibralter Chronicle) or any other…

Camera Obscura

Click to download the file

As promised, here’re the slides including the ones you’ve not yet experienced… Mwahahahaha… (Click on the clapperboard to download)

And there is (I’m afraid) a wee bit homework to keep you busy and happy over the weekend…


Watch the John Lewis ‘Monty the Penguin’ advert, and see if you can identify some of the camera shots used, and for added value, can you give a reason or justification for the choices. If you have any questions, just use the comments on the blog. 🙂

The ad is available on the John Lewis YouTube channel, and the relevant task from the full sides is here:


You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth…

2e06ee02dafcc77e099cfe4e5a5d967b025b22632fde80b4a51ff5d071ee47bdI’m in the midst of marking your homework on Audiences and wanted to just quickly remind you/me of something I’ve noticed… This is Media and not English so I have zero problems with you quoting/citing/repeating back to me what I have said or what is in the handouts. 🙂 You don’t have to turn things into your own words unless you are comfortable doing so (and do so accurately!). It is the information and way of thinking that is more important than your ability to be quick with language…

For the same reason, I have no problems with bullet point answers where they will do the job. Again, it is the information that matters, not your ability to answer in proper sentences (though well done for doing so… you are a credit to yourself… and you probably took half as long again as everyone else to complete the answers… 😉 )

Anyway… t-break over. Got answers to finish. 🙂