Wanna Win $100,000?

FilmScreenChallengeSeriously. This competition is for real and has some fantastic prizes up for grabs. If you fancy a challenge… and access to more free resources than you can throw a clapperboard at to make your next production pure dead professional… then head over to Film Supply Challenge.

In short, you have to use the free resources they provide to create either an advert, a title sequence, or a film trailer. The prizes are phenomenal, but you’ll likely get more out of the process. (ie: you probably won’t win, but you could learn a LOT by taking part)…

Head over to https://www.filmsupplychallenge.com if you’re interested. Watch the video, read the site, then download the Starter Pack/FAQ.

Good luck… and if you win, send us a postcard from SxSW in Texas! 😉

Ready… Set… Go…

FilmFreewayLogoJust punting this in your direction. It’s a film making competition that you could consider entering. There are prizes, and a screening at the end of March in Glasgow, and it could be a fun way of sharing your films with a wider audience.

The entry requirements are pretty much that the film can be considered Scottish (which yours are), and that the people that made it are under 25 (which you are)…

Closing date: 1st March.

Details here: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/FirstActFilmFestival