Wanna Win $100,000?

FilmScreenChallengeSeriously. This competition is for real and has some fantastic prizes up for grabs. If you fancy a challenge… and access to more free resources than you can throw a clapperboard at to make your next production pure dead professional… then head over to Film Supply Challenge.

In short, you have to use the free resources they provide to create either an advert, a title sequence, or a film trailer. The prizes are phenomenal, but you’ll likely get more out of the process. (ie: you probably won’t win, but you could learn a LOT by taking part)…

Head over to https://www.filmsupplychallenge.com if you’re interested. Watch the video, read the site, then download the Starter Pack/FAQ.

Good luck… and if you win, send us a postcard from SxSW in Texas! 😉

Welcome Back

Intro PicGood to see you all again… and time to get busy. First up is the slides I rushed through today… apologies for the speed, and as you’ll notice now you have time to go through them in your own time, there are a few questions and points to consider hidden within.

pdf-icon-1The complete slides are here (less the video clips): Higher Media Intro August

We’ll be starting to look at representation tomorrow. This is an essential key concept which means you need to learn about it, recognise it and become comfortable in using the language of representation when analysing the media, and more crucially, when creating your own.

As ever… ask questions if you are unsure! 😉

Homework 01

Welcome to the wonderful world of homework… It’s sadly necessary, but I’m hopeful that you will enjoy an awful lot of the extra studying I’ll be assigning this year… especially when it involves watching films! 😉

01 Key Concepts Language.038If you need to remind yourself what is needed, you can check the previous post for the notes. Or… you can post a question using the ‘Leave a Comment’ button at the top of the post.

Finally… don’t forget to attach a copy of your advert or give a URL for it on YouTube if it’s a TV advert (bonus marks if you use a service like Bit.ly!)


Welcome To The New Class…

Hi everyone.

bunko-1This is the support blog for the class. I’ll be posting lessons, handouts, revision tips, clips, and all manner of things that should help you get the most out of the course. It’s also a forum where you can ask for clarifications and explanations as required. You are in the class to learn and develop… the fact that the subject is fascinating, clever, and fun, is just a major bonus!

Thanks for signing in with a favourite film. 😉 I’ll do something with the list soon, so stay tuned.

Anyway… as a reminder of what we talked about, here’s the Dove advert. Enjoy!