Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid!

Just a wee heads up… I’ll be in the hospital tomorrow during the lesson (I may be back in time… I have no longer how it’ll take). Your task is straight-forward is simply to carry out an analysis of the closing scene of Casablanca.

Your focus is up to you, but I’d expect at least one comment and reference (quotation) from each of the starred Key Aspects below. Do your best, and don’t forget the things we’ve talked about with regards the previous clips.

Content-based KA analysis 

Categories: genre, purpose, tone, style

* Language: medium/form-specific technical codes, cultural codes, anchorage

* Narrative: structures, codes, conventions

* Representation: representations, selection and portrayal, ideological discourses

Context-based KA analysis 

* Audience: target audience, preferred reading, differential decoding, mode of address

Institution: internal controls and constraints, external controls and constraints

* Society: time, place

One last hint (and it’s a BIG one)… don’t forget you have a rather wonderful glossary at the back of your course booklet… and that your course booklet is stuffed full of awesome hints and tips and explanations! 😉

Here’s the clip:

Assessment Arrangements

Hi class…

Based on some feedback, I thought it wise to remind you of the assessment arrangements, a.k.a. What You Have To Do™ 😉

SQA Higher Media

SQA_Full_colour_cmykThere are two specific units of study that will generate the evidence for your final grade. These are:

  • Analysing Media Content – Assessed in the external examination
  • Creating Media Content – Assessed by submitted assignment

Both contribute 50 marks (or 50%) towards your final grade.

The Assignment (50%)

This is the report you write up about creating and making your product. It has two parts, each worth 25 marks.

  • Part 1: Planning (25 Marks)
  • Part 2: Development (25 Marks)

Your LogBook is your essential record of the work and planning that you put into your finished product. The Planning stage is what we are working on at the moment (pre-production phase).

The Examination

You will sit a final examination in 2015 which will contribute 50% of your final grade. This will consist of a two hour exam with 2 questions as follows:

  • Question 1: Media Content in Context (30 Marks)
  • Question 2: The Role of Media (20 Marks)

Question 1 will be your response to, and analysis of, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (for example). Question 2 will discuss the importance of the media (For example, by looking at issues surrounding The Sun and The News of the World).

This is why you hear me talking about Question 1 or Question 2 in class!

Hopefully this will clear up any confusion you may have, and I’ll go over this with you in class before the Christmas break. As ever, ask any questions in the comments, or in class! 😉