Help Needed!

Right… just a quick post. I need your help, and thoughts. What would YOU say to someone thinking about studying Media next year? I don’t want your thoughts on me as a teacher, I want your thoughts on the course itself… what is good about it, what would you say to someone thinking about taking it next year? Should they? And if so, why?

WalkOfFameMainStar(white)2I’m only after a single sentence (it’s for a prospectus, probably), but feel free to write as much as you like… and feel free to give it a Star Rating (Out of five?) or choose an appropriate film (eg: Battlefield Earth (2.5 IMDB rating) if you hate it, The Shawshank Redemption (9.2 IMDB rating) if you love it, or Sex and the City if you just don’t understand anything! (Yes, that’s a Wittertainment link).

Please leave your thoughts as a comment! Thanks. 🙂

Spotify Is Killing Music

As mentioned, streaming is having a really big influence on the music industry… and according to my musician friends, not in a good way…

From the rather excellent “Information Is Beautiful” website comes the infographic posted below. In essence, it shows how much (though perhaps ‘little’ would be more accurate) a musician makes from his or her music depending on how we access it. Yes, Spotify and the other streaming services are great for us as listeners… but don’t expect to make a living out of being a musician if you are relying on it to pay your bills.

The original article (from 2010) is here: How Much Do Artists Earn Online? and there is an updated version in this Guardian article from April this year.

Any thoughts about this welcomed as comments! 😉

PS: If you are researching a topic for any of your other subjects, it’s worth seeing ifInformation Is Beautiful can help you with graphics… it’s a brilliant example of how the web can be better than traditional sources. #justsayin’


Late News

Brilliant discussion with Annie this lunchtime about the role of the media. Lots for me to take in and regurgitate for you guys. All good. Expect a post or two tomorrow… however, for now, you might want to cast your eyes over this excellent little article on The Press Has Lost It. If you wanted to make the link between Murdoch and the politics of The Sun, you’d be hard pressed to find a better quotation to explain the reason than this one:

Miliband was the first to call for the resignation of Murdoch’s British CEO, Rebekah Brooks, and for News Corp’s billion dollar bid for the remaining shares in BSkyB to be withdrawn.

This knowledge goes a long way to explain why the English edition has supported the Tories:


…while the Scottish edition has supported the SNP:


In essence, neither supports Labour… can you — having read the article — work out why?


Just spotted this on the BBC website. The artist has taken advertising images from the 1950s through to the present day, and removed all the text/copy from them. Lots of food for thought, and ties in beautifully with our reading of media. (Click the picture to visit the site)

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 15.11.17