Is A Game A Media Text?

Really enjoyed the debate today… 2 things:

a) I often take up a contrary position to enable discussion,
b) I’m delighted when you disagree with me! It means you’re not afraid to speak your mind, and,
c) Katy gets to open the first door of the Media Class advent calendar tomorrow…

So… here’s a poser for you. Is a game a media text? Is ‘news’ a suitable subject for a game? Have you ‘played’ September 12th? If not, try it, then think about what its purpose is…

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 18.45.58
Click to play… (takes you to the original website)

There are no answers as such, just opinions, and I’d like to hear yours. Is Sept 12th merely a game, or do we need to apply our (media) analytical skills to it?

All comments gratefully received! 😉

Brace Yourselves…

Just a quick update to let you know that my course was really useful and has given me lots of great ideas and resources to help you prepare for the prelim. I have this sneaking suspicion you’re going to enjoy it.

Tomorrow (Friday) is SQA day and, as promised, will make sure you’ll be as ready for the prelim and exam as it is possible to be. I know I don’t often say this (Aye, right!) but I’m really excited about what we’ll be doing. 🙂

Hopefully, you are getting on well with your filming, and I’ll see you on Monday with some cracking things to share with you.

Till then…

Mr W would like to apologise for appropriating a meme... but you know he won't. 😉
Mr W would like to apologise for appropriating a meme… but you know he won’t. 😉

The Media Student’s Book

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 17.15.11I was asked about a suitable textbook to support the course. Sadly, there isn’t a dedicated textbook for Higher Media (yet), but if you are considering buying any book, the best one is reckoned to be The Media Student’s Book. It covers all the main concepts we address, as well as going into infinitely greater detail and whole areas we don’t touch in the Higher. It is most commonly used as a 1st Year University or College course book, so if you are going on to study Media next year it may be a very good investment… There is also a really good website that has case studies and extension materials that you can access with the book (you can access them without the book as well… they just make more sense with the book!)

Now the bad news… You probably don’t want to spend £25 on a brand new copy.

You can get very good 2nd hand ones from Amazon/ebay (mine cost £12.78 plus postage), and be warned… it looks like the new edition is set to appear in Jan/Feb 2016… so that price may shoot up or drop like a stone. You pays your money and takes your chances… (Oh… and do not buy the Kindle edition if you have a Paperwhite… It is completely incompatible with it, and that’s £20 I’ll never get back…)

I’ll post some potentially useful sites over the next few days, and will keep you informed if I hear of any more specific Higher Media resources. 🙂

Attitudes And Behaviours

Gender Slide Intro

Attitudes & Behaviours come under the Role of Media part of the course (Q2 in the exam). It is the area that considers some of the arguments surrounding whether, and to what extent, the media influence our attitudes and subsequent behaviour. For example, do violent films reduce our sensitivity to violence… or even encourage us to become more violent ourselves? If this is the case, what are we to make of the constant barrage of violence we see on TV in films, programmes or the 10 o’clock news?

And what about our attitudes to others? Are they refugees or migrants or terrorists? Are women portrayed as equal to men, or are they merely objects to be looked at? Are men allowed to have emotions, or are they always meant to be ‘strong’? And what values are shown as the ‘norm’?

In considering these points, it is important to be aware of the dominant ideology of a text. This can be summed up as an understanding of the core values it holds, the view of the world it portrays, and the value it bestows on the people it represents. It also can be seen as a reflection of the society within which the media is produced… the media epouses the values of that society — perhaps traditional views of family or law and order.

As a final thought, what are we to make of this performance of ‘Kiss Me’ by Olly Murs on The X-Factor. What is the function of the women in the performance, and what do you think of it? Is it just harmless entertainment, or a misogynistic throwback to a less enlightened point of view?



Parent Contact Evening

Don’t forget the Contact Evening is on Tuesday. Spaces are going quickly, but appointments can still be made here:

Don’t forget, I may be the only good report you get all night!

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PS: Did I ever mention I liked Cadbury’s Dairy Milk?
PPS: If anyone important is reading this, there is no link intended or implied between the PS and the other content on this page… 😉

Filming Help

Good luck those of you who are carrying out some filming over the long weekend. I meant to give you copies of a suggested ‘Shot List’ sheet. This is a pretty useful/essential tool that you should use while filming to keep a list of the shots you have made. If nothing else, it allows you to keep track of what you have filmed and what you still have to film… and if you are offloading a lot of files at the same time, it will speed up the search for the ‘right’ take when you are editing! (You will take sooooo long when it comes to editing that you’ll thank me for this, honestly, you will!)

It looks like this (click the pic to download as a PDF), and I have a pile of them in my room if you want to grab some.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.33.36