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Remember I mentioned the BFI/DCA Film school just before the summer holidays? (See the previous post for details)

Well, a little bird tells me you’ve got a couple of extra days (i.e. probably Wednesday at the latest) to apply… oh, and there may be some financial help available as well…

I can’t stress enough, this is an outstanding course if you have any real interest in film making. It covers all aspects of the process (so is invaluable for that alone), but more importantly, will give you access to professional skills, tools, and networking for the future. If I was your age, I’d be chewing my arm off for a chance to complete this… but I’m not. You are!

Honest… it’ll change your life! Apply! 🙂

BFI Discovery Film School 2016

BFI_FIlm_Academy_with_certificates_2015_600_400_70“Hey kid… you wanna be in the movies?”

The BFI Film Academy are running a film school in Dundee from August to December. It’s a big commitment as you will need to get through to Dundee every Thursday from 6pm – 8:30pm, and participate in a week long film school during the October break. It’ll also cost £25. (BTW: That’s for the whole course, not per week!) It’ll be hard work. And you’ll learn loads!

More importantly, it’s a fabulous opportunity to get experience in professional practice, meet others who have an interest in film-making, and this year, if you complete the course successfully,  you will receive the NCFE Level 2 Award in Preparing to Work in the Film Industry. Given that the next few years will see at least one new dedicated film studio complex opening in Scotland, and that the film industry has been identified as a potentially crucial contributor to the Scottish economy, there has never been a better time to consider film and TV as a future career…

You can see the course timetable here: COURSE TIMETABLE

And full details and application form are here: BFI/DCA Film School 2016

Applications close 8th August… so get busy! 😉

BFI Film Academy Scotland Residential 2016

ScreenEdLogo So, this was forwarded to me. An 11 day, fully-funded (ie: FREE), residential film-making course that you can apply for if you have made a short film (ahem… Assignment, anyone?) and are interested in film-making. Did I mention it was FREE?

BFI_MAS_LOGO_WHITEYou can get details/website here: FILM ACADEMY SCOTLAND

You can download the application form here: PDF Format / M$ Word Format 

You can see examples of work from previous courses here: YouTube Link (and check bottom of the post)

And you can ask me questions via scottishteacher

Now get busy, get filming, and get happy!

Subject: BFI Film Academy Scotland Residential 2016


I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you with an opportunity for any 16-19 year olds that you know who may be interested in taking part in an exciting residential film making course.

Applications are now open for the BFI Film Academy Scotland Residential 2016 in Edinburgh, and it is open to young people across the UK between the ages of 16-19.

Over the past three years we have run BFI Film Academies across Scotland, and have trained and developed over 120 young people, helping them to produce over 14 short films. Participants have progressed from the Academy onto college and university film and media courses, national residential courses in specialisms such as VFX, Screenwriting, Cinematography, onto film and TV sets and some have even started their own production companies.

Over the course of eleven days, between 2nd and 12th August, we are offering intensive training in; storytelling, directing, production, sound recording, editing and camera with the final aim of devising, shooting and producing a plot driven narrative short film. Working with key individuals within the film industry, we will provide an understanding of commercial and cultural knowledge and skills to help make a career in film a reality.

I have attached an information sheet with further information on the course and where to access the application form. Please do distribute this where you feel is appropriate, and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind regards,

Kerri Rolland

BFI Film Academy Scotland Co-ordinator

Screen Education Edinburgh

30 Ferry Road Avenue