Product Resources

Here’re some handy ‘extras’ for you… use them wisely. 🙂

I think you should just need to drag them into the timeline in your editing software and that should automatically convert them into a short video clip. If not, let me know and I’ll let you use my MacBook to do it.

Ratings template (Powerpoint format: Simply edit, then ‘Export’ as a PNG file (set it to 1024px width))

Click to download the Template

And as a special bonus, here’re some Film Company Idents as discussed… feel free to Google for your own ones if I haven’t uploaded one you’re after. Clicking on them should take you to the full-sized image (always use the BIGGEST size you can to ensure you get good resolution). And again, you should just need to drag them into your timeline… Enjoy!

20th-Century-Fox-Ice-Age-Dawn-of-the-Dinosaurs-twentieth-century-fox-film-corporation-22362278-1926-1080 500px-Walt_Disney_Animation_Studios_logo_svg 1000px-Miramax_1987_Print_Logo CastleRock Logo columbia logo 01 Columbia-Pictures-Movie-Studio-logo-wallpaper Disney Studios logo DreamWorks_logo legendary studios logo legendary-pictures-logo-1280x629 lionsgate_logo__130205232044 lionsgate Mgm-logo newfiendishfilms paramount-blue Paramount-Pictures-print-logo Pixar_Logo_HD Screen_Gems_1999_logo.svg Warner_Bros._Pictures_intro