Reminder: The Key Concepts

Just a wee reminder for you as you revise…

The Key Concepts

These are the areas we have been considering all year and can be summed up as follows…

When we look at media texts, we ask the following questions:

How are texts shaped to meet needs, influence behaviour and achieve a purpose?

The Role of the Media
What type of text is it? Categories
How do we know what it means? Language
What type of story does it tell? Narrative
How does it present its subject? Representation
Who has produced it, and what constraints did they face? Institutions
Who receives it, and what sense do they make of it? Audience
When are texts received? Society

PQD Revised Slides

Just a quick update for you…

Here is a revised and updated set of slides giving an overview of PQD. In particular, I’ve added an expanded slide on the GENRE conventions of the road movie which is recommended for revision.

As we discussed this morning, it’s important you remember the Society side of PQD… consider what came before it (Mad Max/Crocodile Dundee), and how it may have been received. (It is Media in Context, after all!)

Finally, it’s a PDF, so you should be able to click on the URLs to see the clips. 🙂

Go on… click it! You know you want to! 😉


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If you had intended just coming in for the afternoon… DON’T! We won’t be there. What you can do is attempt the paper I posted last night. I’ll post a guide to answering it tomorrow (after I’ve spoken to those coming this morning). Cheers! 🙂

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