Media Word Cloud 01I will have the all new singing and dancing Production Logbooks for you on Tuesday, and would like to give over a couple of periods to allow you to start planning and carrying out your initial research… so please make sure you are prepared with any source materials/laptops/iPads/etc that you think you will need. (PS: I highly recommend using Evernote to keep your notes and thoughts organized… I’m happy to do a lunchtime session on how to use it if you’d like.)

Remember to follow up on the key terms I used today in class… don’t forget there is a handy GLOSSARY you can use to read up about them (yes, that is homework!). In no particular order (OK, alphabetical) , the main ones I talked about in class were:

Cultural codes (eg: what various characters were wearing)

Source music(Diegetic sound) or underscoring (non-diegetic sound)

Enigma/enigmatic code (Look it up!)

Montage (the combination of shots)

Parallel editing (multiple stories being told at once… think Holes)

Preferred reading (a specific interpretation intended by the maker)

If you can begin to learn and use these terms, you are well on your way to nailing the exam. 🙂

PS: In response to a request for interesting films, I’ll be posting some of my favourites and reasons why I like them later. 

PPS:The next post is only for the class to access and will need a password to open. If you have forgotten it, leave a comment and I’ll remind you. 🙂