On Our Way…

London Evening

And our final evening in London draws to a close. Time for some last minute sightseeing/shopping/wandering…

London Day 2

It’s late, we’ve been walking for forever, and we’ve adopted Miss Robertson and her fluorescent pink hat… (Memo to self, get a fluorescent pink hat for future trips. Makes it much easier to see someone!)

Anyway, today was the British Board of Film Classification, Covent Garden, London Film Museum and James Bond cars, pizza and the cinema in Leicester Square… here’s the evidence!


We’re Here!

Delighted to report that we have arrived safely and are settling down after a long day.

Lots of highlights, lots of laughs, and lots of walking. Here’re some photos from Day One. Only a couple have captions at the moment, and these are all low resolution versions. I’ll post better quality ones once I get some decently fast WiFi… but for now, it’s time for some well deserved sleep in preparation for a day at the BBFC, Covent Garden (“C’mon the Apple Store!”), and a film in Leicester Square…

Night all!

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