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Here’re some handy ‘extras’ for you… use them wisely. 🙂

I think you should just need to drag them into the timeline in your editing software and that should automatically convert them into a short video clip. If not, let me know and I’ll let you use my MacBook to do it.

Ratings template (Powerpoint format: Simply edit, then ‘Export’ as a PNG file (set it to 1024px width))

Click to download the Template

And as a special bonus, here’re some Film Company Idents as discussed… feel free to Google for your own ones if I haven’t uploaded one you’re after. Clicking on them should take you to the full-sized image (always use the BIGGEST size you can to ensure you get good resolution). And again, you should just need to drag them into your timeline… Enjoy!

20th-Century-Fox-Ice-Age-Dawn-of-the-Dinosaurs-twentieth-century-fox-film-corporation-22362278-1926-1080 500px-Walt_Disney_Animation_Studios_logo_svg 1000px-Miramax_1987_Print_Logo CastleRock Logo columbia logo 01 Columbia-Pictures-Movie-Studio-logo-wallpaper Disney Studios logo DreamWorks_logo legendary studios logo legendary-pictures-logo-1280x629 lionsgate_logo__130205232044 lionsgate Mgm-logo newfiendishfilms paramount-blue Paramount-Pictures-print-logo Pixar_Logo_HD Screen_Gems_1999_logo.svg Warner_Bros._Pictures_intro


Filming Help

Good luck those of you who are carrying out some filming over the long weekend. I meant to give you copies of a suggested ‘Shot List’ sheet. This is a pretty useful/essential tool that you should use while filming to keep a list of the shots you have made. If nothing else, it allows you to keep track of what you have filmed and what you still have to film… and if you are offloading a lot of files at the same time, it will speed up the search for the ‘right’ take when you are editing! (You will take sooooo long when it comes to editing that you’ll thank me for this, honestly, you will!)

It looks like this (click the pic to download as a PDF), and I have a pile of them in my room if you want to grab some.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.33.36



Click to Download

Just a quickie… I’ve uploaded a ScreenplayChecklist (<= Click to download) that you may find useful. As well as outlining some of the conventions of screenplays, it is packed with loads of great advice and hints and tips about the filming process. It’s a PDF file so can be dropped onto an iPhone/iPad/Kindle/other generic e-reader… or failing that, drag it into school and print it out.

I cannot remember where I came by it, but I think I’m OK to share it. If not, I’ll warn you before deleting it. 🙂


filepicker-vawFINbnQJ2Szh0ngW4t_movie_cameraAnd so it begins!

The Product Log (Word/PDF) is attached to this post for you to download. As mentioned in class, it is an invaluable aid to allow you to complete the assignment with the minimum of stress! Keep it up to date, and use it to plan your next steps.

First… the overview

You are to produce a short film (roughly 8 – 10 minutes long) and then create a trailer for the film. This trailer will form the basis of your final report.

Your final report has to be completed individually, but it is impossible to do without working with others. We’ll be covering all the necessary parts as we go along, but you will find there is a fair amount of work you need to complete outwit the class time. Because of this, I will be running a drop in support session most lunchtimes and after school on a Tuesday (starting 8th September).

Your first task is to come up with 3 or 4 ideas for stories that you can begin development work on. These need to be done for next Monday (7th September) so we can get the brief and initial research completed.

It’ll be hard work, but I think you are really going to enjoy it. 🙂

Click the relevant icon to download the Logbook

Filming Is Easy/Difficult

Emile HolbaJust a wee heads up about your first attempts at filming and why I think it important that you have done them.

I’ll start with what you need to realise…

1) Having a script is essential. Think how quickly you were able to get started because you immediately knew what you had to shoot. Remember this when you come to creating your own product.

2) Keep it simple. Yes, you might want to make a new “Terminator” film, but the reality is that we don’t have the facilities or time (or budget!) to make a Hollywood blockbuster… but we do have the tools to make a movie. It’s all a question of making the best use of what we have… which is YOU, and some imagination. (PS: a script helps…)

3) Don’t be constrained by what you think you know. This is important to remember. You have been conditioned to think about filming and storytelling through years of exposure to media products. We constantly evaluate and judge what we see and experience to make sense of it. This drive allows us to make sense… or more accurately, create a narrative… from very little.

4) You can be fooled. Easily. Look at this painting of a leopard.

optical-illusions-35-1Notice anything about it?

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