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Study Support: Monday

I’m available Monday Periods 1-3, and can stay on until about 5:30 after school if anyone wants to do some last minute cramming.

If you’re coming in at 3:40 – 5:30, can you please let me know by lunchtime so I can sort out my transport for getting home!

I’ll also be online tomorrow night if needed.


Here are Miss Robertson’s slides on PQD. I’ve changed the formatting slightly to give them a higher resolution (i.e.: easier to read the small print!) Any formatting mistakes are mine and mine alone!

PS: Remember there is a download link for the Powerpoint files at the bottom of this post… it includes all the URLs as clickable links.
ASK QUESTIONS if you are unsure of anything!

PQD Overview (PPTX)

PQD Overview (Keynote File)

What The Marker Is Looking For

PQD Overview.005Thought it might be useful to remind you what the Marker is looking for in your responses.

You are capable of making intelligent and evidence based points on all of the following (I know, I’ve seen your notes!), so just bear these in mind.

The first two (Content-based key aspect analysis and Context-based analysis) are directly addressed when you are answering Question 1 about The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (dir: Stephan Elliott, Australia, 1994) (PQD), while the third one is (obviously) addressed in the Role of Media question, Q2.

From the SQA Marking Guidelines:

Content-based key aspect analysis

  1. Categories: genre, purpose, tone, style
Language: medium/form-specific technical codes, cultural codes, anchorage
  3. Narrative: structures, codes, conventions
  4. Representation: representations, selection and portrayal, ideological discourses

Context-based analysis

Audience: target audience, preferred reading, differential decoding, mode of address
Institution: internal controls and constraints, external controls and constraints
  3. Society: time, place

Role of media analysis

  1. Meeting needs: entertain, educate, inform
Influencing attitudes and behaviours: intentional, unintentional
  3. Meeting particular purposes: profit, promotion, public service 

Feel free to ask for reminders about any of these. 🙂

The Doc Is In…

Hi class.

chickendoctorI’ve just logged in and started writing some revision posts for you. If you want to come in tomorrow (Monday), I’m available Periods 1 – 3. I’ll also stay on after school till about 5:30 if you wish… but LET ME KNOW BY LUNCHTIME tomorrow if you are coming in at 3:40.

If you have any immediate questions then LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST. I’ll be watching it as I type up the promised notes.

Similarly, if you need any of the previous handouts, ask! I’ll reply with direct links.

Lastly, I’m about to post a worked answer Q2. It’ll be password protected. Usual Password! 🙂