filepicker-vawFINbnQJ2Szh0ngW4t_movie_cameraAnd so it begins!

The Product Log (Word/PDF) is attached to this post for you to download. As mentioned in class, it is an invaluable aid to allow you to complete the assignment with the minimum of stress! Keep it up to date, and use it to plan your next steps.

First… the overview

You are to produce a short film (roughly 8 – 10 minutes long) and then create a trailer for the film. This trailer will form the basis of your final report.

Your final report has to be completed individually, but it is impossible to do without working with others. We’ll be covering all the necessary parts as we go along, but you will find there is a fair amount of work you need to complete outwit the class time. Because of this, I will be running a drop in support session most lunchtimes and after school on a Tuesday (starting 8th September).

Your first task is to come up with 3 or 4 ideas for stories that you can begin development work on. These need to be done for next Monday (7th September) so we can get the brief and initial research completed.

It’ll be hard work, but I think you are really going to enjoy it. 🙂

Click the relevant icon to download the Logbook

Propp and Lévi-Strauss: Homework

Just a reminder that your homework is due next Monday (24/08/15). (Click the image to download a copy of the handout if you need it)

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 13.58.24

I’m asking you to complete the sheet you started in class. This involves two distinct, but related, tasks.


The first requires you to have chosen your own text and then identify Propp’s 7 types of characters in your chosen text (remembering that this might be expressed more accurately as 7 ‘patterns of behaviour‘). [PS: It is quite possible that 1 or more may not be present in your chosen text, but you are more likely to be able to identify all of them in what might be considered a ‘mainstream’ text… #justsaying]

You need to:

  • take a character from your text,
  • identify which Propp role the character fulfils, and then,
  • most importantly of all, explain and justify your point of view by referring to the text (this is the ‘evidence/explanation’ part of the equation.


Second, you need to identify some of the binary oppositions present in the text. These may be clear cut and obvious (such as between the ‘goodie’ and the ‘baddie’), or more subtle (such as between ‘youth/old age’) depending on the text. As before, you need to justify/support your thoughts by referring to the text.


I’ll be monitoring the comments through most of Sunday afternoon (subject to my own kids possibly needing to go to IKEA before heading to Uni!) so if you are stuck or have questions, I’ll get back to you asap.

What I would say is that you are welcome to add pictures to illustrate your work, and don’t forget some of the points we have already covered with regards representation and language. It’s really important that you keep using previous knowledge and terminology in order to build up your confidence and accuracy in using it.

Finally, if you search online, you will be very likely to encounter people talking about Propp’s 8 characters. The extra one is valid and makes perfect sense, but was not included in Propp’s original theory hence my references to 7. I am quite happy for anyone to include the 8th character… but I’m not telling you what it is! (AKA… you can do some of the work for yourselves)

Welcome Back

Intro PicGood to see you all again… and time to get busy. First up is the slides I rushed through today… apologies for the speed, and as you’ll notice now you have time to go through them in your own time, there are a few questions and points to consider hidden within.

pdf-icon-1The complete slides are here (less the video clips): Higher Media Intro August

We’ll be starting to look at representation tomorrow. This is an essential key concept which means you need to learn about it, recognise it and become comfortable in using the language of representation when analysing the media, and more crucially, when creating your own.

As ever… ask questions if you are unsure! 😉