Give Us A Clue

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So, I’m feeling magnanimous… Aussie Masterchef is back on the telly so Christmas is just round the corner. And, in a spirit of generosity and goodwill, I’m giving you a wee head-start on tomorrow’s viewing/assignment. Attached is the ‘Bingo’ card you’ll be using as you watch the film. Feel free to download it and read it in advance. At the very least, you get to see the screen grabs in colour! (Which may or may not be a help… I’ve added them below for those that can’t view the PDF).

PS: Remember, Miss Daly is likely to look in and ask you about the course so let’s be brilliant! 🙂

Untouchables Grab 02 Untouchables Grab 03 Untouchables Grab 04 Untouchables Grab 05 Untouchables Grab 08

Support Notes 01

pdf-icon-1I’m hoping to post support notes on a regular basis. These will cover some of the ground we have covered in class as well as giving you some extra areas to consider. The ‘good’ :-/ news is that they will also have some tasks that you will need to complete. Soz. 😉

Anyway… here’s the first one on Audience. Enjoy, and questions can be posted as comments. (PS: It’s in PDF format and looks great on an iPad… #justsayin!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 13.48.36
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Audience Part 01


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Here are the slides from class. As ever, they do not include the clips, but you are welcome to bring in a memory stick if you want them to study at home.

Please ask for any clarifications on anything you aren’t sure about. I’m also converting them into a printed handout that should be ready for you next Monday at the latest. Don’t say I’m not good to you! 🙂

Pee Ess

Don’t forget your shot analysis homework… you know… the one I was dropping unsubtle hints about using this for:

Well… I’ve just spotted another ad that might be of interest (either to use instead of the Lloyds ad, or till cover some extra shots). Here it is:

(PS: The speeding up/slowing down trick is rapidly becoming a bit overused, don’t you think?)

Spotify Is Killing Music

As mentioned, streaming is having a really big influence on the music industry… and according to my musician friends, not in a good way…

From the rather excellent “Information Is Beautiful” website comes the infographic posted below. In essence, it shows how much (though perhaps ‘little’ would be more accurate) a musician makes from his or her music depending on how we access it. Yes, Spotify and the other streaming services are great for us as listeners… but don’t expect to make a living out of being a musician if you are relying on it to pay your bills.

The original article (from 2010) is here: How Much Do Artists Earn Online? and there is an updated version in this Guardian article from April this year.

Any thoughts about this welcomed as comments! 😉

PS: If you are researching a topic for any of your other subjects, it’s worth seeing ifInformation Is Beautiful can help you with graphics… it’s a brilliant example of how the web can be better than traditional sources. #justsayin’


Orange And Teal: Why everything looks the same!

I’ve managed to remember how to log into my Evernote account and have found a link I’ve mentioned in class a few times but couldn’t find (actually, there are a few, but I’ll just share a couple here). During those occasions when I’m not going off on a tangent, you’ll have noticed I sometimes point at the X-Men poster on the back wall and make a geeky comment about the blue/gold colouring… well, to be more accurate, I should have been calling it a teal/orange colour cast. And it is a thing. And not actually a very good thing… Look at these posters:

Orange Teal Posters

Notice something? They all have a similar teal/orange colour palate. Sadly, this is not just a coincidence, but has everything to do with a post-production technique called colour grading. There’s a fine enough explanation of it here: “Why Every Movie Looks Sort Of Orange And Blue” (Go on, give it a read… I’ll wait)

As you now know, it’s because of this:


And once something is successful, you can be sure it’ll be copied… and copied… and copied…

Anyway, not remembering the link has been a major itch that needed scratched for me… now scratched! Read the link, give it some thought, and be prepared to start being a wee bit annoyed when you watch films as I guarantee that you will now find it hard to watch a new film without being aware of it, and now you’ll also have a better idea about why it is happening.

See, told you this was a fun subject! 🙂


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Just a quickie… I’ve uploaded a ScreenplayChecklist (<= Click to download) that you may find useful. As well as outlining some of the conventions of screenplays, it is packed with loads of great advice and hints and tips about the filming process. It’s a PDF file so can be dropped onto an iPhone/iPad/Kindle/other generic e-reader… or failing that, drag it into school and print it out.

I cannot remember where I came by it, but I think I’m OK to share it. If not, I’ll warn you before deleting it. 🙂


Following on from the review of shots, you are to choose an advert and carry out your own analysis of some of the shots it uses. The example we used in class was the 2014 John Lewis “Monty the penguin”. Please remember to include the times (for when the shots are used) in your analysis.

It is, of course, your own choice which advert you choose to use, but if you are struggling to think of one, or if you don’t watch too much TV, you could do worse than use the current Lloyds ‘Black Horse’ one:

There are no extra marks for using screen grabs in your response … but they do make it easier to check which part of the advert you are referring to! 😉

Can you submit your analysis next Monday (14th September)… Thanks.