I’ve been busy with these for you… they are mostly broken down to point you at the correct part of the course/notes and also to point you at what you could say for the tasks.

In no particular order… (Click the link to download. All files are PDFs)

SQA Revision Multiple Egs

Media Revision Notes

2017 – PQD Overview

I will be running a study support/exam prep session tomorrow from 9 -> 1 or 2 depending on demand/need. I’m planning to tackle Q1 periods 1&2, and Q2 (Role of Media) periods 3&4. I’ll also be running a similar session Tuesday periods 3&4 and lunchtime. Basically, if you have questions, come in and ask! 😉

Easter Revision Intro

Dr._RivieraHi everybody!

I’m going to start posting revision guides shortly  — as in, when I finish the revised first set of slides. I thought it probably a good idea to explain what’ll be happening.

As each post is uploaded, take the time to read through what I say, and watch out for wee mini-tasks. These will ask you to carry out a quick ‘thinking’ exercise to help you focus on the topic in hand. By all means, write down your thoughts (thus increasing your retention of the information), or even better, bite the bullet and leave a comment! I will reply… or maybe if you’re lucky, someone else from the class will do so!

Something else for you to be aware of is that I will, in all likelihood, be carrying out regular updates to the posts… so don’t assume that when a post is up, it is perfect. What I will do is tell you in the first line of each post whether it has been updated. 🙂

Anyway… the schedule of posts for the first week will be:

  1. Categories
  2. Language
  3. Narrative
  4. Representation
  5. Audience
  6. Institution
  7. Society

And yes, these are the Key Aspects of Understanding Media in Context (aka Question 1) that you need to show you know and understand in May. Now go away and let me finish the slides so I can get started!

Bye everybody!

Trailers Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 23.16.42Just finished converting the slides from today (it took a while to strip out the trailers from the document). You will get most of these as a handout as soon as I can find a working copier and time to press “print”! In the meantime, you should bear in mind that as well as allowing you to consider how you will approach your own trailer, studying trailers is an interesting media exercise in itself.

If I were to give you any advice at the moment, it would be to be making a mental note of the common features in the trailers. What does every trailer appear to have? And remember, the from the second the trailer starts (and I mean the green MPAA slide when I say that), it is trying to get you to pay to see the film. If I draw an analogy with English, one could argue that a trailer is like a poem in that there is no waste in it. Everything is there for a reason (purpose).

Anyway, here are the slides (Click THIS LINK, or click on the thumbnails on the right to download).

Part 2 tomorrow, and remember, Mr Jamieson will be sitting in and asking you about the course (so I’ll be nervous and talking far too much!). Please be honest with him. We need to know the bad as well as the good. 🙂



Here are Miss Robertson’s slides on PQD. I’ve changed the formatting slightly to give them a higher resolution (i.e.: easier to read the small print!) Any formatting mistakes are mine and mine alone!

PS: Remember there is a download link for the Powerpoint files at the bottom of this post… it includes all the URLs as clickable links.
ASK QUESTIONS if you are unsure of anything!

PQD Overview (PPTX)

PQD Overview (Keynote File)