The Doctor Is In

Hi folks,

I’m working through essays at the moment and am going to be hovering over my inbox for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Have a question? Send it to me…

In addition, you need to send me a copy of your product if at all possible. I recommend you use You can send a file that’s up to 2GB for free.

Click on “Add your files” to upload the film.
If you click the blue circle with 3 dots, you can choose whether to email the link directly, or copy and paste a link. Either is fine.

Storyboarding – An Overview

Found the video I was referencing in class yesterday… It wasn’t on No Film School after all (hence the delay!)

The important thing(s) to remember is(are) that the storyboard is:

a) pretty essential,

b) a guide to visualise your filming,

c) a working document… not a work of art! You really don’t have to be good at drawing.

If you want to use a template, a quick Google* image search for ‘storyboard templates‘ will give you plenty to choose from/adapt/etc…

Happy storyboarding!


Hi everybody…

Welcome to the class blog. Home of handouts, homework, and bad jokes… First off are the slides we’ve been looking at over the past week. 🙂 I will revise the content in August (as nobody will remember all of it… 😉 ) but in the meantime, read through it, expand your notes, and keep watching films!