Thursday, Thursday…

Not a real picture of my son.

You couldn’t make this up.

I cannot get in today as my son is off school and I need to babysit. I will, however, be ‘live’ at 11:30 and have set up a document so you can ask questions and share things (via photos or whatever).

Send me what you can and I will get it back to you asap. I’ve arranged for Miss Daly to deliver anything you want passed to me, and I’ll arrange to get it back to you tomorrow in school.

I’ll be referring to a couple of documents that I have added for you to download. You’ll find them Under the resources tab at the top of the page, look for Understanding Standards. Both candidates passed, though the poster example only received 25/50.

I’ll add the live link later, in the meantime, the Document is at:

PS: You can send emails to scottishteacher [at] me [dot] com

Yes it’s a different email. No, I don’t want signed up to anything. 🙂


And we’re live starting at about 23 seconds: