Storyboarding – An Overview

Found the video I was referencing in class yesterday… It wasn’t on No Film School after all (hence the delay!)

The important thing(s) to remember is(are) that the storyboard is:

a) pretty essential,

b) a guide to visualise your filming,

c) a working document… not a work of art! You really don’t have to be good at drawing.

If you want to use a template, a quick Google* image search for ‘storyboard templates‘ will give you plenty to choose from/adapt/etc…

Happy storyboarding!


Two – Thirty… Tooth hurty! Get it? (Why do I bother)

I’ve got to go to the dentist for an emergency appointment for toothache (before I cause unnecessary harm to small creatures…)

Take this opportunity to read through the Narrative Handouts (from the previous two posts) and see if you can identify some films you know and their Narrative structure (Handout 1) and which plots (Handout 2) they have used.

There are plenty of examples in the handouts, but see if you can come up with new examples for as many as possible… also… don’t just write lists. Try to EXPLAIN your answers as best you can.

I’ll be in as soon as I’ve been to the dentists, hopefully by the back of 9. See y’all later. 🙂