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Here’s the slides from yesterday (and today!)… You can download them as a PDF file you can carry on your phone/tablet/pendrive/etc… or they’re always available here. 🙂

Click on BB-8 to download the PDF 🙂

Finally, here’s a link to the Empire Online article about camera shots (technically, the ELS/MCU/CU/etc refer to the framing of the scene…), and it’s illustrated with some great examples. Have a look, enjoy, and tell me if you’ve spotted any of them in the media you have consumed by leaving a comment. 🙂

RoM Slides – Part 01

Here are the slides I used last week. I’m hoping to get through the remainder of them on Monday/Tuesday and, as long as you bring your best thinking heads with you, we should manage it. I will be photocopying a guide to answering the Role of Media question for you by Friday and we will be using the Monday/Tuesday periods in the last week of term to go through answering questions so you can do some relevant revision over the break (yes, I know it’s the Christmas break… but I also know there are boring days during the holiday and I think you’ll actually enjoy studying for the exam. Honest!).

Anyway… here are the slides.

You know the format by now… click the picture to download the file!

PS: Remember, this is only part 1… Much more to come. 🙂