RoM Regulations

Here’s a wee thing full of hints/tips/prompts for Role of Media. More coming shortly…
If you’d like a printed copy (and don’t have your own printer) swing by my room at some point today…

Click to download the PDF


Here’s the slides from yesterday (and today!)… You can download them as a PDF file you can carry on your phone/tablet/pendrive/etc… or they’re always available here. 🙂

Click on BB-8 to download the PDF 🙂

Finally, here’s a link to the Empire Online article about camera shots (technically, the ELS/MCU/CU/etc refer to the framing of the scene…), and it’s illustrated with some great examples. Have a look, enjoy, and tell me if you’ve spotted any of them in the media you have consumed by leaving a comment. 🙂

RoM Slides – Part 01

Here are the slides I used last week. I’m hoping to get through the remainder of them on Monday/Tuesday and, as long as you bring your best thinking heads with you, we should manage it. I will be photocopying a guide to answering the Role of Media question for you by Friday and we will be using the Monday/Tuesday periods in the last week of term to go through answering questions so you can do some relevant revision over the break (yes, I know it’s the Christmas break… but I also know there are boring days during the holiday and I think you’ll actually enjoy studying for the exam. Honest!).

Anyway… here are the slides.

You know the format by now… click the picture to download the file!

PS: Remember, this is only part 1… Much more to come. 🙂