Two Things

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  1. You’ll want to know when your homework (see THIS POST) is due… so I’ll give you till next Friday, 6th November. As a treat, I’ll even give you the mark scheme as soon as I finish writing it! (I know, there’s no start end to my generosity!)
  2. If you haven’t already found them, there’s a couple of very useful handouts (not mine) in the Reference Section of the blog… #justsaying



Filming Is Easy/Difficult

Emile HolbaJust a wee heads up about your first attempts at filming and why I think it important that you have done them.

I’ll start with what you need to realise…

1) Having a script is essential. Think how quickly you were able to get started because you immediately knew what you had to shoot. Remember this when you come to creating your own product.

2) Keep it simple. Yes, you might want to make a new “Terminator” film, but the reality is that we don’t have the facilities or time (or budget!) to make a Hollywood blockbuster… but we do have the tools to make a movie. It’s all a question of making the best use of what we have… which is YOU, and some imagination. (PS: a script helps…)

3) Don’t be constrained by what you think you know. This is important to remember. You have been conditioned to think about filming and storytelling through years of exposure to media products. We constantly evaluate and judge what we see and experience to make sense of it. This drive allows us to make sense… or more accurately, create a narrative… from very little.

4) You can be fooled. Easily. Look at this painting of a leopard.

optical-illusions-35-1Notice anything about it?

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Monday Part Two

9amNow seen my timetable for today. I’ll be available from 1pm(ish) until at least 5pm.

I’ve got Blank DVDs and CDs and labelling pens.

I’ll also have white paper by then! (We’re using orange at the moment)

School email address is for sending in things to print.

Hopefully I’ll see you this afternoon. Failing that BEFORE (and that is NOT negotiable) 9am tomorrow.

Later, peeps!