Found a mini documentary about Priscilla. Quite useful for a wee bit of context and background. Also touches nicely on the actors approach and attitudes. It’s also only 6 and a bit minutes long. 🙂

PQD Key Aspects

Here’s the PQD document we’re currently using in class for revision (PDF). I’ll post a more detailed explanation/application for the exam process for you after we’ve been through it on Wednesday. In the meantime, if you recall how I was pulling apart/teasing out the Broken Hill bar (Shirley) scene, you should consider doing something similar with other important scenes in the film.

Suggestions include:

  • Coober Pedy The drinking club (Adam after taking drugs)
  • The First People (Aborigines) camp
  • Kings Canyon
  • The charades ‘picnic’
  • Opening AND closing sequences
  • Broken Hill (Shirley)
  • Desert opera (Lyrics and explanation of relevance of the aria here Sempre Libera – for info, we only hear the first verse sung by Violetta)

There are, of course plenty of others you could look at. 🙂

Finally, there’s a really useful little synopsis and overview (short, but nothing wrong with that) that hints at the depth of the film. You can find it here: Curator’s Notes.

Almost forgot… click the pic for the full slides for Priscilla.

Click the sun for the notes…

Priscilla Revision Part 2

Here is my take on the revision questions I posted yesterday. I’ve filled in some ideas thoughts in the 4th column that should help you and point you in the right direction for adding more.

What I would highly recommend (i.e.: DO IT!) is picking specific scenes/sequences/shots to illustrate the various points made. Yes, it’ll mean a fair amount of work, but it’s what you are meant to do!

Enjoy… and here’s the file:

PDF Icon
Click the icon to download!


Priscilla Revision and Prompts

PDF IconHere’s a quick Priscilla revision prompt sheet. (Click to Download – PDF). There are three columns to cover: Key Aspect, Sub-Elements, and a wee explanation.

What I recommend you attempt is to take the third column as a series of revision prompts. What would you say about each one with regards PQD? In order to help you with this, I’ve also included a WORD IconWord version (Click Here to download – Priscilla Revision) with a fourth column that you can fill in. (It should open in Open Office/Pages/Sun Office/whatever you have… if not, leave a comment and I’ll sort something out)

I’ll leave it with you to work on for now.

I’ll be busy this afternoon, but will post more this evening all going well. 🙂


Clarification: Just to fix any unintentional confusion I may have caused… we can consider the narrative arc of PQD, in which case you are 100% correct in saying the film follows a journey narrative (arc). This is exactly as you have been taught my Miss R

PQD Overview.031

PQD Overview.032

PQD Overview.033This is distinct from Genre which is to do with the type of film/world in which the narrative is set. There are (of course) a few genres that PQD could sit in, but the one that has caused the potential confusion, is the genre of the road movie.

PQD Desert RoadMuch more to follow 😉

PQD Revision: Miss Robertson’s Slides

As promised, here are Miss Robertson’s slides on PQD. I’ve changed the formatting slightly to give them a higher resolution (i.e.: easier to read the small print!) Any formatting mistakes are mine and mine alone! I’ll post my own slides on codes and conventions over the next few days… ASK QUESTIONS if you are unsure of anything!

PQD Overview (PPTX)

PQD Overview (Keynote File)