The Doctor Will Be In At 10(ish)

I’ll be checking blog/emails/edmodo/etc from just after 10 this morning. I’ll be online for most of the day until about 10 tonight if you have questions/etc…

I’ll be returning things as soon as they’re processed, and will probably use edmodo for secure postings.

If you don’t remember the email to use, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE and I’ll get back to you asap!

Tick… Tick… Tick…

Can I gently suggest that some of you need to get a bit more urgency into your efforts. You are all capable of producing a great report, but you cannot afford to waste time when you don’t need to. I did give you time last week to prepare your questionnaires. Some of you had them done and out that day… some of you still haven’t managed to do so. While I get that you are waiting for me to photocopy some of them, you are almost adults and quite capable of taking responsibility for getting your own copies… and I have told you when to get the masters to me for photocopying. If you don’t get them to me, then you cannot expect me to photocopy blank sheets for you.

Remember, the audience research section of the report is worth 5% of your overall grade… and none of you can afford to throw that away. It is the difference between a B and an A… or a pass and a fail. Your choice. Please start digging deeper… you done so much already, don’t sit back when the end is in sight. 🙂 </rant>

URGENT!!!!! <= cf: Douglas Adams

Just a quick warning that if you want to get your questionnaire’s out to support classes tomorrow (Thursday), I’ll need to get a copy of it first thing! I’m usually in by 8:40am.

Please try to keep them to no more than 2 sides of A4 (Make the font smaller or adjust the spacing if required), and each group can have 100 copies (for easy %age calculations!)

Here’s hoping you do better than this genuine Audience Response Card:

Well… That Went Well…

I think given the gaps in class yesterday and today, we’d better quickly revise the info on Trailers on Monday but I’ll spare you having to watch them again… I’ll collate them all into a list with links over the weekend so you can search them out yourself.

Apologies to everyone who was expecting Mr Jamieson to join us today… turns out I can’t read a calendar/email and it’s actually next Thursday that he’ll be with us. :-/

Next, can I ask everyone to be ready to share their films/product on Wednesday next week. I need to see exactly where you are so we can arrange catch up sessions for those who need them.

And finally, after the fun and games of production and prelim prep, the timetable is reverting to it’s regular schedule. This means Miss Cowan and I will be sharing you, but you’ll still come to my room on Tuesday and Friday. She’s going to be covering some really good material on the TV sit-com featuring Frasier

though you may know Kelsey Grammer better as my alter-ego, Sideshow Bob (“I’m called Little Buttercup…”)


Towel To Go…

Bring a towel for the hotel! Otherwise, you will have to hire one, or go soggy.

Just a few thoughts…

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… hand your final consent form in to the school office tomorrow! I need to have them photocopied so I can leave one in the school and take a copy with me. I really, really, really must have this tomorrow…
  • We are meeting at Perth Station at 9:30am on Thursday morning. The train leaves at 9:57, and I need to make sure we are all there in plenty of time! (Humour me, I’m getting on a bit!)
  • Bring food for the journey. Yes, you can buy snacks and drinks on the train, but I thought you might like to arrive in London with some spending money left. 🙂
  • PACK A TOWEL! (Thanks to my class for spotting this!) You can hire a towel from the hotel, but as with journey food, why spend money you don’t have to!
  • Do you all need to bring a hair dryer? (Just saying…) I don’t need a hair dryer, just some polish… you might want to sort out sharing.
  • Don’t forget cameras and chargers and memory cards!
  • Cinema tickets for Friday are looking as though they will be about £15. Blimey Charley… they’re not scared, are they! Possible films to see include Kingsman, Interstellar, or Predestination. We can discuss this on the train.

The Selfie Game will be played by all… including me. Points awarded as follows:

  1. Celebrity in the background = 1 point
  2. Standing beside a celebrity = 3 points
  3. Hugging/kissing a celebrity = 5 points
  4. Getting celebrity to sing the chorus of Teenage Dirtbag = 10 points (NB: This needs to be filmed!)
  5. Selfie with Mark Kermode/Simon Mayo = 20 points (and a bonus prize to be decided by Mr W)
  6. Penalty warning: Internet celebrities (i.e.: If you have to explain who he/she/it is) will incur a 2 point deduction!
  7. Must be real person… sneaking into Madam Tussauds will lead to instant disqualification!

We are going to have fun, and to learn a little more about films and film making. I don’t have to remind you that you are ambassadors for yourselves, do I? 😉

I’ll post any more thoughts as they occur… or feel free to ask questions by leaving a comment.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 22.16.33PS: I recommend you download a London Tube app for your phone. There’re several available, and  they are on most platforms. I use this one (click image for link):

Good news, everyone!


Your prelim will be a 1 hour Exam on The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

It’ll be at 2pm on Thursday 22nd January in the Hall.

I’ll post some a lot of notes for you over the weekend, and make sure you get the handouts from me next Monday (yes, they will be posted here as well). I strongly recommend you try to view the film again between now and the exam. I’m happy to arrange a screening for you over a 2 or 3 lunchtimes next week. I’m sure you’ll do well… especially once we’ve had a couple of revision sessions in class.

Yay… game on! 🙂

Assessment Arrangements

Hi class…

Based on some feedback, I thought it wise to remind you of the assessment arrangements, a.k.a. What You Have To Do™ 😉

SQA Higher Media

SQA_Full_colour_cmykThere are two specific units of study that will generate the evidence for your final grade. These are:

  • Analysing Media Content – Assessed in the external examination
  • Creating Media Content – Assessed by submitted assignment

Both contribute 50 marks (or 50%) towards your final grade.

The Assignment (50%)

This is the report you write up about creating and making your product. It has two parts, each worth 25 marks.

  • Part 1: Planning (25 Marks)
  • Part 2: Development (25 Marks)

Your LogBook is your essential record of the work and planning that you put into your finished product. The Planning stage is what we are working on at the moment (pre-production phase).

The Examination

You will sit a final examination in 2015 which will contribute 50% of your final grade. This will consist of a two hour exam with 2 questions as follows:

  • Question 1: Media Content in Context (30 Marks)
  • Question 2: The Role of Media (20 Marks)

Question 1 will be your response to, and analysis of, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (for example). Question 2 will discuss the importance of the media (For example, by looking at issues surrounding The Sun and The News of the World).

This is why you hear me talking about Question 1 or Question 2 in class!

Hopefully this will clear up any confusion you may have, and I’ll go over this with you in class before the Christmas break. As ever, ask any questions in the comments, or in class! 😉