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The Doctor Will Be In At 10(ish)

I’ll be checking blog/emails/edmodo/etc from just after 10 this morning. I’ll be online for most of the day until about 10 tonight if you have questions/etc…

I’ll be returning things as soon as they’re processed, and will probably use edmodo for secure postings.

If you don’t remember the email to use, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE and I’ll get back to you asap!

Thursday, Thursday…

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You couldn’t make this up.

I cannot get in today as my son is off school and I need to babysit. I will, however, be ‘live’ at 11:30 and have set up a document so you can ask questions and share things (via photos or whatever).

Send me what you can and I will get it back to you asap. I’ve arranged for Miss Daly to deliver anything you want passed to me, and I’ll arrange to get it back to you tomorrow in school.

I’ll be referring to a couple of documents that I have added for you to download. You’ll find them Under the resources tab at the top of the page, look for Understanding Standards. Both candidates passed, though the poster example only received 25/50.

I’ll add the live link later, in the meantime, the Document is at: http://bit.ly/mediaquestions

PS: You can send emails to scottishteacher [at] me [dot] com

Yes it’s a different email. No, I don’t want signed up to anything. 🙂


And we’re live starting at about 23 seconds:


deadpool-poster-8Hi class. I’ve just heard that you haven’t got questionnaires done yet. As a matter of urgency, can I suggest two things.

  1. Make your own arrangements to get them printed and carried out as soon as possible. Speak nicely two miss daily to see if you can get them photocopied, or speak nicely to the woman in the photocopier room… OR…
  2. Go old school. Have the list of questions on a sheet and go and ask people. Ideally you should be looking for about 20 responses which means 4 people asking 5 others…

Whatever you decide you need to get this done quickly. Remember you are really just trying to find out what makes a poster memorable, or what film posters are better at making people want to see the film. From the point of view of the assignment, the questionnaires count as research, you will make decisions based on this research, and you will explain why you made the decision. See the previous post for more details.

Can I also ask that you try uploading things to Edmodo, or leave comments here as that way I can get back to you as soon as possible.

One final point, I hope to be back on Wednesday, one way or another.


screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-07-51-33Not sure which rules and regulations and codes of practice (mmm… that’s in bold type. Wonder if it’s an important term I should remember/use?) might apply to your poster(s)? No worries… You’re maybe looking in the wrong place for help.

The main legal constraint (another good phrase that, you should maybe use it at some point! Hint. Hint.) from an institutional point of view (Another great phrase – where does he get them all!) comes from the ASA. They are the regulatory body who rule on the suitability of an advert (which is, after all, what a poster is – an advert for a film).

When you are designing a poster, there is regulatory guidance available from the CAP (https://www.cap.org.uk/Advice-Training-on-the-rules.aspx). The CAP are the Committee of Advertising Practice and they offer training and guidance on advertising… and they also draw up the rules/guidance that advertisers need to follow. They work hand-in-hand with the ASA.

Now, I had hoped that at least one of you would have stumbled on the CAP by now… and specifically, this page: https://www.cap.org.uk/Advice-Training-on-the-rules/Help-Notes.aspx

But just in case you haven’t, and want the tl;dr version, you NEED to look at this guide in particular: https://www.cap.org.uk/Advice-Training-on-the-rules/Help-Notes/Videogames-Guidance-on-ads-for-videogames-and-films.aspx#.WLSGTBicbrc

There’s plenty in there to keep you busy… and remember… HOW WOULD/DOES/COULD WHAT YOU ARE READING APPLY TO YOUR OWN POSTERS (You get marks for knowing the industry/institutional constraints that would apply in real life). 
Happy reading… and use the comments to ask questions… or Edmodo.

Monday Monday…

kids-club-phoenix-bbfcI’ll not be there today so here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Read through THIS POST and then research what the following organisations do/have responsibility for:
    1. BBFC
    2. ASA
    3. OFCOM
  2. Start researching audience/genre/box office preferences and trends using statistics culled from the BFI Stats Pages. Things to find out would be along the lines of:
    1. Which is the most popular genre of film? (Is there more than one?)
    2. Is there a link between age and box office take?
    3. How could you use historic data to focus your own product?
  3. Start looking into audience research in more depth. There are some resources in THIS POST that should help you.

As you will have realised, this is about developing knowledge of institutional constraints and is also directly applicable to your product/assignments…

I’ll be in tomorrow and will be getting you set up for your assignments. Take care, stay warm, and don’t waste your time! Lots to do. 🙂

PS: Some people have already started their research so you can use them to help you, and ask to use the library/PCs if you can’t use your phone, etc.

PPS: Don’t forget this!
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