Can You Hear Me?

sucked_largeJust a non-time critical wee resource post for you on Audience Research.

As we’ll discuss in class, it is essential that you carry out audience research but what does that actually mean, and how do you/could you go about it?

First up for you to consider (and no, it’s not definitive, or even wholly relevant per se) is this Slide Deck…

It gives a fair overview of some of the questions you will be tackling and also some hints about things you could do.

Next up is the ESF Media Page on Audience Research Methods. Lots to read through and you’ll have no excuses for not having any ideas after a look at it:

Clicky Picky Fory Linky…

And lastly… don’t forget your notes/handouts. Think posters. Think McDonalds. Think USPs. Think ‘why did I not pay attention last time’. Think ‘Will I get taken to a post with some diagrams I should remember and understand if I click these words in bold type.‘ (Hint: Yes)

PS: This. It’s useful. But only if you click the link and read it. #justsaying


Some great ideas kicking around today, and I’m happy with the initial progress being made by all groups so… Yay, Class! 👏

Thought you might appreciate electronic copies of the Production Booklet. If nothing else, it’ll allow you to have a copy on your e-device of choice. 🙂 For the PDF version, click on Mrs Bates, for the Word version, click on the Word icon! 😉

Hitchcock Booklet Cover


I’ll Be Brief…

"Noooo!!!! Why did I have the beans for lunch..."
“Noooo!!!! Why did I have the beans for lunch…”

🙂 Hopefully you’re clear on this first stage of the Production… if not, ASK! I’ve added a copy of the Brief to this post, and I know most of you can read, so I’ll not repeat anything here. What I will say is that you need to be willing and able to justify any and all decisions, and in doing so, you need to draw on the coursework we are covering with regards Narrative Structures (ie: how you are choosing to tell your story), your Plot (which of Booker’s 7 Plots you are going to use), and the Characters you will introduce/use (ie: Propp is your pal!)…

You’re not daft, so you’ll be aware that there is much more to it than this, but that’s enough to get you off and running. We’ll return to exclusively looking at your production next Thursday as we’ll need to consider Audience for the first part of the week.

One Thing…

Start doing research! Think of the style/genre/movie you want to make. Can you find examples of existing media that you can emulate? It might be the style of a whole film or TV show (like Stranger Things), or perhaps just an individual scene/incident… what ever it is, make a note/find a link and be ready to share with the rest of your group/class. It’s one of those great subjects where it really is easier to show someone rather than tell them…

Anyway… HERE’s Da Brief! (See… I is down wit’ da kidz…)



Ready… Set… Go…

FilmFreewayLogoJust punting this in your direction. It’s a film making competition that you could consider entering. There are prizes, and a screening at the end of March in Glasgow, and it could be a fun way of sharing your films with a wider audience.

The entry requirements are pretty much that the film can be considered Scottish (which yours are), and that the people that made it are under 25 (which you are)…

Closing date: 1st March.

Details here:


Hays Kid!

pdf-icon-1Here’s today’s handout on the infamous Hays Code (2 links there!)… you don’t need to do anything particular with it yet other than be aware of it. We’ll be revisiting it after the October break as we move into the realms of regulations and institutions. As mentioned, strictly adhering to it would have prevented films like The Godfather being made, and also goes a long way into explaining certain narrative decisions made during the ‘golden era’ of Hollywood film.

Scripts for Wednesday… and don’t overlook the power of sound (as opposed to music) for your productions. 🙂

PS: Please note the correct spelling… It is “HaysnotHayes“. Soz, my bad.

Some Goodies For You

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Just a couple of ‘treats’ for you… many more to come in class tomorrow.

First up is the Production Calendar. All the relevant dates for completing the three phases plus the write up for submitting to the SQA. You will get time in class for your making your product, but you will need to be prepared to use some of your own time as well.

PHS Media – Roles and Schedule 14-15

The other file just now is a Pre-Production Checklist. You must complete all of the tasks on it before you get to start the production itself.

PHS Pre Production Checklist

And finally, I’d just like to offer my thanks to Mr Pickavance who teaches Media at Dunblane High School. He has allowed me to adapt his Higher Media documents for you to use… much easier and quicker than me having to reinvent the wheel… again!