Here’s the slides from yesterday (and today!)… You can download them as a PDF file you can carry on your phone/tablet/pendrive/etc… or they’re always available here. 🙂

Click on BB-8 to download the PDF 🙂

Finally, here’s a link to the Empire Online article about camera shots (technically, the ELS/MCU/CU/etc refer to the framing of the scene…), and it’s illustrated with some great examples. Have a look, enjoy, and tell me if you’ve spotted any of them in the media you have consumed by leaving a comment. 🙂

You Must Remember This…

So, whit a film!

casablancaposter-goldThere are no shortage of useful and free resources to help you learn more about Casablanca.

IMDB will give you plenty of technical, box office, cast/crew, and quotations…

Sparknotes has more ‘study’ related materials…

And we will be looking in some depth at the four scenes highlighted in the Film Education guide.

Finally,  if in doubt, there’s always The Simpsons

Public Health Warning

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.09.04
Moon Hitler!

OK… you asked, so here it is! This is the list of Netflix films I put together for last year’s class at Christmas (BTW: You should check out New on Netflix which allows you to find and search the NF catalogue much more easily than using NF itself!). There are wee comments from me about every one, and you will not like every film on the list… but then, I’ll bet there are a load of films you like that I wouldn’t, so let’s call it quits.

The Health Warning Bit is simply because Netflix change their list regularly, and so I cannot guarantee that all the films are still available. I will produce an updated list in December.

Click on the image to download the list as a PDF file, and please feel free to leave a comment or two here if you agree/disagree with any of the selections, or even better, if you’ve got any Netflix suggestions of your own.

PS: If you have Amazon Prime you may have access to some more of these, or ones that have disappeared from Netflix… Happy Viewing! 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.08.46

BFI Film Academy Scotland Residential 2016

ScreenEdLogo So, this was forwarded to me. An 11 day, fully-funded (ie: FREE), residential film-making course that you can apply for if you have made a short film (ahem… Assignment, anyone?) and are interested in film-making. Did I mention it was FREE?

BFI_MAS_LOGO_WHITEYou can get details/website here: FILM ACADEMY SCOTLAND

You can download the application form here: PDF Format / M$ Word Format 

You can see examples of work from previous courses here: YouTube Link (and check bottom of the post)

And you can ask me questions via scottishteacher

Now get busy, get filming, and get happy!

Subject: BFI Film Academy Scotland Residential 2016


I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you with an opportunity for any 16-19 year olds that you know who may be interested in taking part in an exciting residential film making course.

Applications are now open for the BFI Film Academy Scotland Residential 2016 in Edinburgh, and it is open to young people across the UK between the ages of 16-19.

Over the past three years we have run BFI Film Academies across Scotland, and have trained and developed over 120 young people, helping them to produce over 14 short films. Participants have progressed from the Academy onto college and university film and media courses, national residential courses in specialisms such as VFX, Screenwriting, Cinematography, onto film and TV sets and some have even started their own production companies.

Over the course of eleven days, between 2nd and 12th August, we are offering intensive training in; storytelling, directing, production, sound recording, editing and camera with the final aim of devising, shooting and producing a plot driven narrative short film. Working with key individuals within the film industry, we will provide an understanding of commercial and cultural knowledge and skills to help make a career in film a reality.

I have attached an information sheet with further information on the course and where to access the application form. Please do distribute this where you feel is appropriate, and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind regards,

Kerri Rolland

BFI Film Academy Scotland Co-ordinator

Screen Education Edinburgh

30 Ferry Road Avenue



Ready… Set… Go…

FilmFreewayLogoJust punting this in your direction. It’s a film making competition that you could consider entering. There are prizes, and a screening at the end of March in Glasgow, and it could be a fun way of sharing your films with a wider audience.

The entry requirements are pretty much that the film can be considered Scottish (which yours are), and that the people that made it are under 25 (which you are)…

Closing date: 1st March.

Details here: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/FirstActFilmFestival


Sunset Song

Right, we’re going to the cinema. To see this…

It’s the long awaited film of the greatest Scottish novel, Sunset Song.

It’s been made by Terence Davies, who is an outstanding British film maker you have probably never heard of. It will be slow paced and will likely require you to concentrate on a film more than you have ever done before. And it will look gorgeous and likely break your heart. It opens on the 4th December, and I’ll let you know which showing I plan to invade as soon as I get word from the Playhouse.

The last of the Peasants, the last of the old Scots folk. A new generation comes up that will know them not , except as a memory in a song.

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