This is 10 minutes of beauty that may help inspire you in your film-making quest. And whatever you do, watch it in high definition. It is a thing of great beauty. Srsly.


Just a wee pointer to this rather lovely filmpoem called Sullum by Roseanne Watt. It is beautifully filmed (consider why and how), and makes effective use of rack focus to create the narrative… and as an exercise, think about the following: What is the narrative? Does it actually have one? Does it matter? (And if not, why does this film exist?…)

Final thought: You could make something like this… couldn’t you? 😉

“You See Different Things.”

After today’s discussion, I’m posting a couple of clips. The first is the dance from The Fisher King. Pure cinema. Pure Gilliam. Pure magic. (I admit… it does appear a little strange taken out of context, but go see the film!):

The second is from 12 Monkeys. This is the film that (arguably) has one of Brad Pitt‘s best performances:

Anyway… Gilliam is a clever, clever man with a beautiful visual sensibility that permeates his films. Well worth investigating.

(A final wee link to The Time Bandits where the Supreme Being explains why evil exists: