Here’s the slides from yesterday (and today!)… You can download them as a PDF file you can carry on your phone/tablet/pendrive/etc… or they’re always available here. 🙂

Click on BB-8 to download the PDF 🙂

Finally, here’s a link to the Empire Online article about camera shots (technically, the ELS/MCU/CU/etc refer to the framing of the scene…), and it’s illustrated with some great examples. Have a look, enjoy, and tell me if you’ve spotted any of them in the media you have consumed by leaving a comment. 🙂



Following on from the review of shots, you are to choose an advert and carry out your own analysis of some of the shots it uses. The example we used in class was the 2014 John Lewis “Monty the penguin”. Please remember to include the times (for when the shots are used) in your analysis.

It is, of course, your own choice which advert you choose to use, but if you are struggling to think of one, or if you don’t watch too much TV, you could do worse than use the current Lloyds ‘Black Horse’ one:

There are no extra marks for using screen grabs in your response … but they do make it easier to check which part of the advert you are referring to! 😉

Can you submit your analysis next Monday (14th September)… Thanks.