And We’re Back! Research Time…

So, time to get busy. The links you will need to chase up are as follows:

And that’s plenty to be going on with!





Down With This Sort Of Thing…

IPSO_logo_newSome really interesting and insightful discussions going on today so thanks for that. The whole question of Press Regulation in the UK is filled with unanswered questions, and when we talk about news about a ‘celebrity case’ such as we did today, it is sometimes easier to find arguments. However, when it is a ‘local’ story, it is not as clear cut… or perhaps it is easier?

If we don’t know the people involved, one could argue that there is less temptation for a salacious interest in the story. With that in mind, we will be looking at a couple of more down-to-earth or even mundane news stories that IPSO or Ofcom ruled on.

Finally: make life easier for yourself and read the guidelines in advance! 🙂