Gods of Egypt – Kermode Uncut

Wassup, class!

This is how to review a film… 😉

And then I strongly recommend you subscribe to the Kermode and Mayo Wittertainment Podcast.

Mark Kermode is one of the most highly regarded film critics in the world and is — rightly or wrongly — renowned for his occasional ‘rants’. You will not enjoy all the films he recommends, you will disagree with his comments at times, but he is usually right… and there is always something worth seeing and or learning in the films he does recommend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 11.57.27The Wittertainment show can appear a bit intimidating at first… not least because of all the in-jokes… but there is a helpful wiki to fill in the gaps: Witterpedia.net. It has an index of most of the running gags and references, and explains much about the show, and why you should always say Hello to Jason Isaacs (Go to Google, and search “Jason Isaacs“)…

And finally… there’s even an iWittr app (DISCLAIMER: This app is not endorsed by the BBC, the presenters or, indeed, Witterpedia. However, at the moment it seems to work and comes with a handy copy of the Code of Conduct) so you can see how many other members of the Church of Wittertainment there are near you.

How do you use the iWittr app? Well, you just use the iWittr app.

Enjoy… and if you want a taster of what is possible, search for Kermode’s review of Sex and the City 2… then try his take on Entourage. 🙂