Help Needed!

Right… just a quick post. I need your help, and thoughts. What would YOU say to someone thinking about studying Media next year? I don’t want your thoughts on me as a teacher, I want your thoughts on the course itself… what is good about it, what would you say to someone thinking about taking it next year? Should they? And if so, why?

WalkOfFameMainStar(white)2I’m only after a single sentence (it’s for a prospectus, probably), but feel free to write as much as you like… and feel free to give it a Star Rating (Out of five?) or choose an appropriate film (eg: Battlefield Earth (2.5 IMDB rating) if you hate it, The Shawshank Redemption (9.2 IMDB rating) if you love it, or Sex and the City if you just don’t understand anything! (Yes, that’s a Wittertainment link).

Please leave your thoughts as a comment! Thanks. 🙂