ASA Changing

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have just announced some changes. They will be worth following and for the course, are relevant for INSTITUTIONS and REPRESENTATION.

The BBC reporting of the news is here:

Click for the link… duh!

And the full ASA report can be accessed here:

Guess what happens if you click on it…

Plenty to read and think about… and it will appear in the coursework before Christmas! 😉

Would love to get any feedback from you if you have time. 🙂


One thought on “ASA Changing

  1. I agree that these new rules should be put in place. It is not the place of advertising agencies to re-enforce harmful gender stereotypes.

    On a similar subject, I am in Portugal at the moment and I have noticed that the Portuguese have a different viewpoint on these types of issues. For example on a very busy road in Tavira, I saw this advertisement.

    It is a McDonalds advert used to sell Ice Cream. Do you think this is an acceptable or appropriate technique for this type of product or does it highlight the difference between governments acceptance of inappropriate advertising?


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