deadpool-poster-8Hi class. I’ve just heard that you haven’t got questionnaires done yet. As a matter of urgency, can I suggest two things.

  1. Make your own arrangements to get them printed and carried out as soon as possible. Speak nicely two miss daily to see if you can get them photocopied, or speak nicely to the woman in the photocopier room… OR…
  2. Go old school. Have the list of questions on a sheet and go and ask people. Ideally you should be looking for about 20 responses which means 4 people asking 5 others…

Whatever you decide you need to get this done quickly. Remember you are really just trying to find out what makes a poster memorable, or what film posters are better at making people want to see the film. From the point of view of the assignment, the questionnaires count as research, you will make decisions based on this research, and you will explain why you made the decision. See the previous post for more details.

Can I also ask that you try uploading things to Edmodo, or leave comments here as that way I can get back to you as soon as possible.

One final point, I hope to be back on Wednesday, one way or another.

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