As you’ve likely heard, I had my op on Wednesday. The NHS rocks!

More practically, I’m a lot more immobile than I expected to be with this first cast. That (I am assured) will change when I get the proper cast on on Monday. As a result, I’m struggling to do much that is useful with only one hand. I’ll get the Mac and a mike rigged up this weekend so I can dictate via SIRI. In the meantime, keep making notes on your pre-production work. Go through the stages and make sure you have something relevant for as many as possible. I’ll set up Edmodo so you can upload/share what you have so far and I’ll be able to give you verbal feedback later as well. 

Finally (for now), help each other! If you find a relevant bit of guidance or advice from the ASA, share it!

And absolutely lastly… do not under any circumstances… be tempted to start working on your product until you’ve finished your pre-production phase. I guarantee you will be throwing away marks, and potentially a lot of marks, if you do that. 

I’m hoping to be back by the end of next week, but will know more after my appointment on Monday. 

Keep busy, and be most excellent unto each other. 

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