Homework 01: Categories

Hopefully you were able to follow everything today. 🙂 But just in case, here’s a quick recap…

When we talk about the media, we can start by considering its category. This is so we can identify with a fair degree of precision just what kind of media it is (which makes it easier to compare/contrast/analyse a particular text… and also, helps you to work out what you could do in order to create your own example).

Categories include:

  • Medium (print, radio, television, film, internet, music)
  • Purpose (inform, persuade, educate, profit, to heighten awareness or politicise, to be rebellious, to advertise, to market)
  • Form (drama, light entertainment, newspaper, magazine, film trailer/promo, television news, above/below the line advertising)
  • Genre (sci-fi, soap opera, documentary, game show, broadsheet, western, chick-flick, romance, horror, rom-com, buddy film, sport, etc.)
  • Tone (serious, comic, ironic, tongue-in-cheek, formal, informal, objective/neutral, subjective/one-sided, personal, scientific, etc.)
  • Style (realistic, unconventional, traditional, modern, dark, fly-on-the-wall, lavish)
  • Other miscellaneous categories (star, director, controversy, cult, viewing figures, box office, awards)

If you have the time, and it’s a really worthwhile exercise, you should see how many of the above you can find examples of.

Anyway, here’re the slides (including ones you haven’t seen yet)… please take your time to look through all of them, and you can download the file for your revision.

Click the Picture to download the file!
The file is a PDF which you should be able to open on most computers/tablets/phones… which means you can (and should) build up a decent library of revision materials.

And finally… the homework…


  • Carry out a survey of your own media consumption. Over the next week analyse the media that you consume or interact with and provide four different examples, from four different mediums from that survey and write them in your jotter using the table provided in the sheets as a guide.

The example in the sheets is from Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1960) which is still one of the best horror/thrillers ever… (Hint, hint!)

As you are no doubt aware, this is an exercise in getting you to start thinking critically about the media… and it’s also an excuse for you to say “But mum, watching this music video/film/TV show/newspaper IS homework… so I can’t do the dishes…” {PS: Good luck to anyone who tries that as an excuse… we’ll send flowers to your hospital ward…}

And finally… if you have any questions please use the Comments on this post to ask!

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