And We’re Off…

winterfell-being-filmed-castle-wardWelcome to the class blog, and welcome to the class (if you have joined, obvs). We will cover loads over the next year and I really hope you enjoy the class, the subject and at least some of the texts we’ll be looking at. As previously mentioned, the main ‘course text’ for Question 1 will be Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott (USA, 1982 & 2007). We’ll also look in a bit of depth at Argo directed by Ben Affleck (USA, 2012).

For Question 2, we’ll be studying Rupert Murdoch/The Sun/The News of the World, as well as coverage of the refugee crisis and (possibly) a bit of Brexit as well. The other strand we’ll cover in some depth will be representation of women in music videos. So, hopefully, something for everyone!

Please remember you can use the blog to contact me as well as ask any questions at any time. Don’t be stuck, the answer (or some help) is only a comment away!

Finally, you will get most of the handouts here on the blog. There are also handouts here going back a couple of years so you can have a look at what we’ve covered in the past as well as getting a wee taste of what is ahead of you.

Anyway… that’s enough of me for now. You’ve got some homework to do and it’ll be along in a wee while. 🙂

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