Tick… Tick… Tick…

Can I gently suggest that some of you need to get a bit more urgency into your efforts. You are all capable of producing a great report, but you cannot afford to waste time when you don’t need to. I did give you time last week to prepare your questionnaires. Some of you had them done and out that day… some of you still haven’t managed to do so. While I get that you are waiting for me to photocopy some of them, you are almost adults and quite capable of taking responsibility for getting your own copies… and I have told you when to get the masters to me for photocopying. If you don’t get them to me, then you cannot expect me to photocopy blank sheets for you.

Remember, the audience research section of the report is worth 5% of your overall grade… and none of you can afford to throw that away. It is the difference between a B and an A… or a pass and a fail. Your choice. Please start digging deeper… you done so much already, don’t sit back when the end is in sight. 🙂 </rant>

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