Well… That Went Well…

I think given the gaps in class yesterday and today, we’d better quickly revise the info on Trailers on Monday but I’ll spare you having to watch them again… I’ll collate them all into a list with links over the weekend so you can search them out yourself.

Apologies to everyone who was expecting Mr Jamieson to join us today… turns out I can’t read a calendar/email and it’s actually next Thursday that he’ll be with us. :-/

Next, can I ask everyone to be ready to share their films/product on Wednesday next week. I need to see exactly where you are so we can arrange catch up sessions for those who need them.

And finally, after the fun and games of production and prelim prep, the timetable is reverting to it’s regular schedule. This means Miss Cowan and I will be sharing you, but you’ll still come to my room on Tuesday and Friday. She’s going to be covering some really good material on the TV sit-com featuring Frasier

though you may know Kelsey Grammer better as my alter-ego, Sideshow Bob (“I’m called Little Buttercup…”)


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