Revision Xmas 2015

Anyone bored yet? 😉



Thank goodness you're home... the Xmas tree fainted!
Thank goodness you’re home…the Xmas tree fainted!

In the unlikely event that you are at a loose end and want to start revising for your prelim, you would be well-advised to start by reminding yourself of Priscilla. There are a number of relevant posts on the blog which you should read through including the handouts, links, articles, and even some that outline approaches to answering. In addition, you are strongly advised to watch the film again if you can. It’s available on Netflix, but if that’s a problem for anyone, let me know (in a comment to this post).

To make finding posts easier, I’ve added a list of the categories and a Tag Cloud to the rignt hand side of the blog (Scroll down to find them). Simply click on the relevant category or tag and you be given a list of all the posts I’ve written under the chosen term.

I’ll be posting some bits and bobs on a regular(ish) basis over the break. Would be great to hear from you if you have any questions. Just leave a comment on the blog.

Now… I’ve got some wrapping to do for some obscure reason… 😉

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