The Media Student’s Book

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 17.15.11I was asked about a suitable textbook to support the course. Sadly, there isn’t a dedicated textbook for Higher Media (yet), but if you are considering buying any book, the best one is reckoned to be The Media Student’s Book. It covers all the main concepts we address, as well as going into infinitely greater detail and whole areas we don’t touch in the Higher. It is most commonly used as a 1st Year University or College course book, so if you are going on to study Media next year it may be a very good investment… There is also a really good website that has case studies and extension materials that you can access with the book (you can access them without the book as well… they just make more sense with the book!)

Now the bad news… You probably don’t want to spend £25 on a brand new copy.

You can get very good 2nd hand ones from Amazon/ebay (mine cost £12.78 plus postage), and be warned… it looks like the new edition is set to appear in Jan/Feb 2016… so that price may shoot up or drop like a stone. You pays your money and takes your chances… (Oh… and do not buy the Kindle edition if you have a Paperwhite… It is completely incompatible with it, and that’s £20 I’ll never get back…)

I’ll post some potentially useful sites over the next few days, and will keep you informed if I hear of any more specific Higher Media resources. 🙂

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