Orange And Teal: Why everything looks the same!

I’ve managed to remember how to log into my Evernote account and have found a link I’ve mentioned in class a few times but couldn’t find (actually, there are a few, but I’ll just share a couple here). During those occasions when I’m not going off on a tangent, you’ll have noticed I sometimes point at the X-Men poster on the back wall and make a geeky comment about the blue/gold colouring… well, to be more accurate, I should have been calling it a teal/orange colour cast. And it is a thing. And not actually a very good thing… Look at these posters:

Orange Teal Posters

Notice something? They all have a similar teal/orange colour palate. Sadly, this is not just a coincidence, but has everything to do with a post-production technique called colour grading. There’s a fine enough explanation of it here: “Why Every Movie Looks Sort Of Orange And Blue” (Go on, give it a read… I’ll wait)

As you now know, it’s because of this:


And once something is successful, you can be sure it’ll be copied… and copied… and copied…

Anyway, not remembering the link has been a major itch that needed scratched for me… now scratched! Read the link, give it some thought, and be prepared to start being a wee bit annoyed when you watch films as I guarantee that you will now find it hard to watch a new film without being aware of it, and now you’ll also have a better idea about why it is happening.

See, told you this was a fun subject! 🙂

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