Filming Is Easy/Difficult

Emile HolbaJust a wee heads up about your first attempts at filming and why I think it important that you have done them.

I’ll start with what you need to realise…

1) Having a script is essential. Think how quickly you were able to get started because you immediately knew what you had to shoot. Remember this when you come to creating your own product.

2) Keep it simple. Yes, you might want to make a new “Terminator” film, but the reality is that we don’t have the facilities or time (or budget!) to make a Hollywood blockbuster… but we do have the tools to make a movie. It’s all a question of making the best use of what we have… which is YOU, and some imagination. (PS: a script helps…)

3) Don’t be constrained by what you think you know. This is important to remember. You have been conditioned to think about filming and storytelling through years of exposure to media products. We constantly evaluate and judge what we see and experience to make sense of it. This drive allows us to make sense… or more accurately, create a narrative… from very little.

4) You can be fooled. Easily. Look at this painting of a leopard.

optical-illusions-35-1Notice anything about it?

Try this photo…


Mind. Blown.

The point is, the camera can help you lie depending on where you place it. You have complete control over what the audience see, so don’t just point and shoot the first thing you see…

Got an ugly background? No problems… just move the camera:


Incidentally, that example comes from the really rather very useful VideoMaker Website (Click to access)… I highly recommend you have a look at it for ideas and hints and tips… and click on the photo to see the original article.

And now a couple of reasons you may not have thought of…

1) Look how easy it was to make a short film. One script. Two periods. Next to no editing time. You still managed to produce something.

2) Well done for working with other people efficiently. It’s an essential skill… and over the next year, you will have disagreements and fallouts and making ups galore… that’s up to you… but always remember: you need to make your deadlines!

3) There is lots of help if you either a) look for it, or b) ask for it. And I don’t just mean me…

4) Scripts are the bees’ knees! No script? No film!

That’s enough for just now… you need to start thinking about ideas for your next film. 😉

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