Late News

Brilliant discussion with Annie this lunchtime about the role of the media. Lots for me to take in and regurgitate for you guys. All good. Expect a post or two tomorrow… however, for now, you might want to cast your eyes over this excellent little article on The Press Has Lost It. If you wanted to make the link between Murdoch and the politics of The Sun, you’d be hard pressed to find a better quotation to explain the reason than this one:

Miliband was the first to call for the resignation of Murdoch’s British CEO, Rebekah Brooks, and for News Corp’s billion dollar bid for the remaining shares in BSkyB to be withdrawn.

This knowledge goes a long way to explain why the English edition has supported the Tories:


…while the Scottish edition has supported the SNP:


In essence, neither supports Labour… can you — having read the article — work out why?

Study Support / Exam Prep

Hi folks…

You can have my undivided attention from 9am – 1:30 pm (ish) tomorrow. I’m planning to go through Question 2 first, followed by a recap for Question 1. Please email me at the school if you are coming in (nwwinton at pkc dot gov dot uk) so I know who to expect.

I’ll make all the notes available on the site tomorrow evening (it’ll be later rather than earlier as I have a meeting after school that will make me late to get home).

I strongly recommend you watch Panorama in advance of tomorrow/the weekend/the exam as it is, to all intents and purposes, the ‘textbook’ for Q2.

It would also be a great idea to have viewed Priscilla as well.

Finally, can you remember the three roles of the media the SQA mention?

See those that can make it tomorrow. 🙂