Getting Silly

It would be really useful if you were to make the time to answer the following task:

Example Q2

The KEY ASPECT that is the focus of the task is “meeting the needs of its [the media’s] audience”

The stem (or initial starting point) is a consideration of whether the media is ‘out of control’. For our purposes, we can consider the demise of The News of the World. Why did it happen, and was it a sign that the media were indeed ‘out of control’.

Review Panorama (Youtube Link) and the role of the ‘Redtops’ in preparation for answering. Remember, you need to make specific references to information from your research/knowledge.

The task has two parts:

a) give detailed information or ideas about the role of media referenced above, and discuss this by giving some opinions, arguments or conclusions about it

Remember, with regards the role of the media, we have looked at three specific roles. These are in the inverted triangle diagram, and have been mentioned umpteen times so I am not repeating them here!

The task invites you to consider whether the media’s defence — that it is meeting the needs of its audience — are sufficient to justify its actions.

Do not confuse the role of the media with the three analytical perspectives on the media we have been considering, namely: traditional, neoliberal, public service. They are not the same thing. 🙂

b) give specific examples from media content which illustrate the information, ideas or discussion

The second part demands specific examples to illustrate the more general argument/discussion/point of view you have advanced in a). You need to make reference to, and explain the relevance of, specific incidents or newspaper stories, or any other thing you feel helps illustrate your argument that the media is justified or not in how it meets its audience’s needs.

This must be completed by everyone and on my desk by Friday at the latest.

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