Q2: Role of Media – Guidance

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First things first, here is the handout from today. Download it, and use it as a reference for approaching the task.

Next, you should make time to watch the whole Panorama documentary:

Hacking, Power, Corruption and Lies
(BBC, UK, 2014)

Once you have viewed the programme, refer to the summary sheet as a prompt to considering how an audience could view the actions of The News of the World / NewsCorp / Murdoch.

Don’t confuse the role of the media with the perspectives of the media. It’s easy done, so to avoid this, simply remember that the three roles of media that you are expected to understand and will be assessed on, are as follows:

  • influencing behaviour and attitudes (intentionally or unintentionally)
  • meeting needs (for information, entertainment, education)
  • achieving particular purposes (profit, self-interest, public service)

In contrast, the perspectives (neoliberalism/traditional/public service) relate to how we interpret the media, and what we understand to be the reason(s) for the media creating the product(s) it does.

According to the SQA:

candidates should be prepared to answer questions on any of the roles given above. Questions may be general, or may focus on one or more of the elements given in brackets.

That’s enough to be going on with. Watch the Panorama, and remember: You need to focus on The News of the World / NewsCorp / Murdoch… and not the Panorama programme itself.

PS: Couldn’t get on to WordPress in school, hence the delay. 😦

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