Homework: Role of the Media

Take this Role of the Media question stem as your starting point:

The role of the media can be said to be to provide information and/or education and/or entertainment.

Read the following two editorial pieces from The SunsunssayDon’t worry overly much if you don’t understand what all the words or political ideas being put forward are, instead, concentrate on the language used by the writers. (These are both editorial pieces, which means they are an expression of the newspaper’s point-of-view, its mode of address).

1) Look at the opening sentences of both pieces (the one in bold type… and note the house style: Sans serif bold. followed by serif body text…and a Sans serif bold final sentence/paragraph to conclude)

Can you identify any emotive language/word(s) used in these opening sentences? List the emotive word(s), and explain what impact they are designed to add — or what reaction do they invite from the reader?

2) Read the body text.

From each piece, identify three phrases or expressions that reinforce the emotive language/word(s) you identified in the previous question.

3) Consider that one piece was written for The Scottish Sun, the other for The Sun (published in England/rest of the UK [aka: rUK]).

Can you suggest reasons why the ‘same’ newspaper may publish two opposing pieces on the same day?

Bonus points: Given the ease with which the internet allows people to access these two different editorials, what is suggested about the newspaper’s opinions of its readers?

As always, try to justify your answers by close textual reference, and try to use appropriate media terminology as you discuss them.

We’ll be viewing Panorama in its entirety tomorrow, so be ready to make plenty of notes. I’ll provide you with a ‘crib sheet’ to help with your note making before we start. 🙂

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