Priscilla: Quine o’ the Dessert (1)

Nothing posted yesterday — mainly due to a series of unfortunate events that (amongst other things) involved standing in a blizzard at the side of a busy dual carriageway trying to fix the car. Not recommended!

PriscillaRegionOne-FrontCoverLAnyway, this is the first of the Prelim prep/revision posts. Keep your eyes peeled as there will be a few of these over the course of the day. This first one will cover some of the basics you must know. Feel free to post suggestions/ideas/answers/questions/requests for clarification in the comments. I will be online working on this most of the day, so should be able to reply within 30 minutes or so (if I take longer, I’m walking the dog or eating).

SQA Exam: The Basics

When answering, there are some things you must mention…

  1. Know the details of the text… and remember to introduce your chosen abbreviation: The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (PQD), (Australia, 1994) dir: Stephan Elliott.
  2. Mention the genre(s) straight away (i.e.: Primary genre, and I recommend mentioning at least two other genres that PQD could be considered as an example of)
  3. Identify and reference several key scenes in your intro. (You may not have time, or the desire, to write about all of them, but in highlighting them, you are demonstrating your knowledge of the film as a whole)
  4. Remember the importance of using appropriate media specific terminology (e.g.: cultural codes, mis-en-scene, intertextuality, and especially… remember that the SQA’s favourite verb for media is ‘connote’)

What I recommend you do now is take 10 minutes to note down what you would say with regards 2 and 3 above.

The next post will be looking at some of the codes used in the film. (Or more likely, in retrospect, I’ll identify what I think some of the key scenes to be first!)

Later! 😉

5 thoughts on “Priscilla: Quine o’ the Dessert (1)

  1. I really do think you should start making some notes on the 4 points mentioned in the post… the act of writing them down helps clarify your thinking, and helps you remember them for the exam!


  2. Definitely in my opinion, one of the most important key scenes has to be the moment they emerge from the hotel in Coober Pedy, and their bus has been vandalised with ‘AIDs F*****s go home’ painted in red letters on the side.
    The way the bus is revealed – and everything about the scene including the music, facial expressions of the characters, and the dialogue – make me think that this is where the characters realise that rural towns still have a very old-fashioned point of view, and are generally quite homophobic people. They’ve come to realise that the city is where they belong, where people accept them and they can enjoy what the do and be who they want to be.
    Tick sums of the scene perfectly with: “It’s funny, you know. No matter how tough I’m getting – it still hurts.”

    (however, this comes seconds before the scene with Adam on top of the bus in his big floating shiny dress thing, so obviously offended, but not put off making a scene!)


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