PQD: Overview

What follows is absolutely not a definitive list of the scenes, but should be enough to give you an overview. 130704041649-sesame-street-muppet-elmo-horizontal-galleryYou can fill in the (many) gaps from your own knowledge of the film. What I will say is that it is a mix of specific scenes as well as sequences and will guide you through the whole film. If you are smart (which, as you keep reminding me, you are), you’ll take this as a starting point for identifying the key scenes you intend to know inside-out for the prelim/final SQA exam. In addition, this will be money in the bank with regards revising for May.

Final thought: Use the notes Miss Robertson has already given you. You know how good they are, so don’t be a muppet and rely solely on any current notes you are making! 


  1. Opening sequence: Drag club/number.
  2. Hospital.
  3. Funeral.
  4. Bus (Priscilla).
  5. On the road: desert/outback.
  6. Coober’s Pedy, Pub (Shirley).
  7. On the road again: desert + possibly THE iconic image from the film. Priscilla breaks down.
  8. Indigenous/Aborigine camp.
  9. The next day. Meet Bob (and his ‘wife’).
  10. Pub and ping-pong balls.
  11. On the road: Bernadette’s back story told to Bob.
  12. Tick and Bernadette have a meal, Bob meets up with old friends for a drink, Felicia gets into trouble.
  13. On the road: Bob’s background.
  14. Arrive at the Hotel (Lasseter’s — which is also the name of the hotel in Neighbours!)
  15. Preparation for, and then, the film’s big drag production number.
  16. Picnic + C in a F on a R!
  17. Leaving the hotel for Sydney.
  18. Ending: ABBA!

One thought on “PQD: Overview

  1. Oopsie… fixed my recurring teacher learning point (aka: mistake!). It’s Coober’s Pedy NOT Cooper’s Creek. It’s just one of those mistakes I’ve got stuck in my head. :-/


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