Help Needed!

Right… just a quick post. I need your help, and thoughts. What would YOU say to someone thinking about studying Media next year? I don’t want your thoughts on me as a teacher, I want your thoughts on the course itself… what is good about it, what would you say to someone thinking about taking it next year? Should they? And if so, why?

WalkOfFameMainStar(white)2I’m only after a single sentence (it’s for a prospectus, probably), but feel free to write as much as you like… and feel free to give it a Star Rating (Out of five?) or choose an appropriate film (eg: Battlefield Earth (2.5 IMDB rating) if you hate it, The Shawshank Redemption (9.2 IMDB rating) if you love it, or Sex and the City if you just don’t understand anything! (Yes, that’s a Wittertainment link).

Please leave your thoughts as a comment! Thanks. 🙂

Revision Xmas 2015

Anyone bored yet? 😉



Thank goodness you're home... the Xmas tree fainted!
Thank goodness you’re home…the Xmas tree fainted!

In the unlikely event that you are at a loose end and want to start revising for your prelim, you would be well-advised to start by reminding yourself of Priscilla. There are a number of relevant posts on the blog which you should read through including the handouts, links, articles, and even some that outline approaches to answering. In addition, you are strongly advised to watch the film again if you can. It’s available on Netflix, but if that’s a problem for anyone, let me know (in a comment to this post).

To make finding posts easier, I’ve added a list of the categories and a Tag Cloud to the rignt hand side of the blog (Scroll down to find them). Simply click on the relevant category or tag and you be given a list of all the posts I’ve written under the chosen term.

I’ll be posting some bits and bobs on a regular(ish) basis over the break. Would be great to hear from you if you have any questions. Just leave a comment on the blog.

Now… I’ve got some wrapping to do for some obscure reason… 😉

Prelim Prep 01

Here’s the first revision aid for you…

It’s a mind map (well, duh!) of what the SQA are looking for in Question 1. What you should be able to do is extend each of the outer shapes by referring to The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (dir. Stephan Elliott, Aus, 1994) [PQD, for short]. For example, what could you say about representation in PQD? And what quotations from the film would you use to illustrate what you are saying? And what would be your evaluation/opinion of the representation?

And then do the same for every other outer shape. With maybe more than one illustration/example/quotation for each. And then be ready to use that information to answer a question… 😉

(On a more practical level… if you can’t extend any of the shapes, you know what you need to revise!)

And remember, this is revision and prep, so bullet points/notes are fine!

RoM Slides – Part 01

Here are the slides I used last week. I’m hoping to get through the remainder of them on Monday/Tuesday and, as long as you bring your best thinking heads with you, we should manage it. I will be photocopying a guide to answering the Role of Media question for you by Friday and we will be using the Monday/Tuesday periods in the last week of term to go through answering questions so you can do some relevant revision over the break (yes, I know it’s the Christmas break… but I also know there are boring days during the holiday and I think you’ll actually enjoy studying for the exam. Honest!).

Anyway… here are the slides.

You know the format by now… click the picture to download the file!

PS: Remember, this is only part 1… Much more to come. 🙂

For F’s Sake?

Really interesting post on the BBC this morning about sexism in the film industry. Is it time to expand the ‘F’ certificate that was first used at last year’s Bath Film Festival. They award it as follows:

It is given to any film that meets one of three criteria: It must be written by a woman, directed by a woman or feature “significant women on screen in their own right”.

Is this needed? Overdue? Patronising? An admission that people cannot self-regulate? And would it be a selling point for a film as far as you are concerned?

Please read the article, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.38.50
Click to visit the BBC article…

Is A Game A Media Text?

Really enjoyed the debate today… 2 things:

a) I often take up a contrary position to enable discussion,
b) I’m delighted when you disagree with me! It means you’re not afraid to speak your mind, and,
c) Katy gets to open the first door of the Media Class advent calendar tomorrow…

So… here’s a poser for you. Is a game a media text? Is ‘news’ a suitable subject for a game? Have you ‘played’ September 12th? If not, try it, then think about what its purpose is…

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 18.45.58
Click to play… (takes you to the original website)

There are no answers as such, just opinions, and I’d like to hear yours. Is Sept 12th merely a game, or do we need to apply our (media) analytical skills to it?

All comments gratefully received! 😉

Brace Yourselves…

Just a quick update to let you know that my course was really useful and has given me lots of great ideas and resources to help you prepare for the prelim. I have this sneaking suspicion you’re going to enjoy it.

Tomorrow (Friday) is SQA day and, as promised, will make sure you’ll be as ready for the prelim and exam as it is possible to be. I know I don’t often say this (Aye, right!) but I’m really excited about what we’ll be doing. 🙂

Hopefully, you are getting on well with your filming, and I’ll see you on Monday with some cracking things to share with you.

Till then…

Mr W would like to apologise for appropriating a meme... but you know he won't. 😉
Mr W would like to apologise for appropriating a meme… but you know he won’t. 😉